Thursday, January 07, 2010


There was a time, at least I think that there was, when life was peaceful and quiet in the Bluff Country.

Not any more!


Chaos Rules!

^  (There's a CAT under there!)   ^

"Who, Me???"

"Sweet, Innocent, little ME?"

"Give it up, Sable.  She's on to you!"

"No cats were injured in the making of this blog post!"
DREAM says...

"Just make sure that you keep the gate closed, Mom.  I don't want that craziness in MY pasture!"

You've GOT it, Dreamer!


  1. Chaos is good, it keeps us young and our toes, perhaps on our butts if we get in the way of the 4 legged chaotic makers but at least it keeps us awake:) I think you should do a post of Sable with the chickens too LOL

  2. Your blogs are worth it - I just wish people with too much time on their hands would find something constructive to do.

    On to the comment - I'm really glad the dogs have found each other! Such instant friendship is heartwarming.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. It looks like fun to me. Sable is beautiful. Hope you are having a ton of fun with her.

  4. Oh dear Bella, your friend Whisper across the pond is jealous! She's now nagging me for a Sable of her very own to create chaos with. Not much chance of that I don't think... though we might let her have her own little bundles of chaos in the next year or so!

  5. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Hi Nancy - I agree on getting comments on the blog! I love it when folks leave a note. Your pups look very happy together. We have gone through the chaos with two dogs here also. Even though they are both middle aged dogs, our black lab and border collie act like it's the first time every time I ask them if they want to go outside! So much fun... ;-) Stay warm!

  6. Love the plume of Bella's tail in the 5th photo. Isn't it great to watch doggies have fun?

  7. I'm glad that wee furry monster doesn't live around here! He might chase me! Goat kisses to Dreamer from Isobelle!

  8. Sable is growing quickly, and Bella lives up to her name. Chaos is good sometimes. I am glad they are getting along so well.

  9. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I just noticed that Dream and Bella have the same white pattern of fur/wool on their faces :) Sable and Bella look to be inseparable buddies now.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  10. Looks like they were trying to get kitty to play leap frog with them. Bella looks so pleased with her energetic friend. Looks like they had a great time. I just love Dreamer, she's so pretty! And a very very wise girl.

  11. Sable is quite the fluff ball! Very fun pics, I guess there's one plus to the cold and snow, the puppies love it! How's daisy kitty holding up!?

  12. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Sable is GROWING! What fun they are having--I hope the kitty likes it (sort of) too... Dream 's eyes are very mysterious the way they reflect the white of the snow...

  13. Anonymous7:52 AM

    LOL! Really great action shots! My very favorite is the fourth one. What a hoot! :-)



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