Sunday, September 25, 2011

A FUN Saturday...

Guess who came to see me yesterday?

Yup.  My beautiful baby sister brought Bella and Sable over to visit me again.

We decided to take the girls to a local park and play out in the sunshine.
Pam 'gave me permission" to go as long as I promised to be very careful with my left arm.

(notice both leashes are in my right hand)

I love getting outside with my beautiful girl dogs. 


(Italian for "Beautiful Friend")

I also love this bridge!

AND my Beautiful Baby Sister!

Thank you Penny ~ for another great day!
And for taking good care of my sheep, my dogs and my LIFE while I've been laid up.  Most of all, for not getting upset about Sable's MUDDY FEET in the car on the way home...

We love you!

 DREAM says...

"Well, I can see that Sable is STILL disgusting.  DOGS!  
Guess what?  Mom's got good news.  She's going back home on Tuesday and is going to come out and see me and Alice and Zaria and Tanqueray next week!  We can't wait to see her!  I'll make sure that she takes plenty of pictures!"

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