Thursday, March 08, 2012

Do you hate those stupid WORD VERIFICATION puzzles?

They are one of the few things that I encounter daily that absolutely drive me CRAZY!
O.K.  I may have a short fuse.
But you have to admit, they ARE a pain in the butt!


We don't have to deal with those vision boggling, migraine inducing, word puzzles anymore!

No, no, no!
From now on
It's as simple as this:

Yes indeedy!  Just click on that little darlin' and it'll take you to a page that gives you the code for one of your very own!  Or, you can use the text version (seen on my sidebar) to accomplish the same thing.

Oh, but to have all the crap that makes one crazy be so simple to resolve...

You're Welcome!


P.S.  Be sure to go into your blog 'settings' and disable the comment verification to remove the evil puzzles for once and for all!


  1. word verification
    I HATE it with a passion
    only because I have bloody awful eyesight!!!!

    1. You and me BOTH John! It is difficult enough for me to read the words (in spite of having my computer set to 'large' text) without having the letters jumbled and deformed.



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