Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Looks aren't everything!

I HATE the dull, drab, soggy colors of early Spring!  Everything looks the same ~ wilted and decayed.  Dreary.  That is, until you add a few beautiful animals to the mix!

I walked out in the pasture with the dogs yesterday and then spent some time sitting in the sheep pasture with Kahlua and Tia.  Of course, Sable had to accompany me in with "her" sheep.  She sure does love her sheep!

Tia striking a silly pose:

Sable was distracted by a fascinating stick for a while.
  I just sat there and took pictures...

When the stick lost it's charm, Sable and Tia Maria retired to the barn for a little chat and some of my very favorite photos:

Somehow, things didn't seem so dreary anymore.



  1. Saw two robins this noon. Lifted my spirits! Of course, the rise in temperatures sure helps, too.

    1. YES! I haven't seen any robins yet. Then again, I don't go outdoors very often. I'll have to fix that! This warm weather is nice but I sure could go for some SUNSHINE!

  2. Hello! I do read your blog but my lady doesn't let me type on the computer very much these days. Humph. We LOVE sheep and Sable photos! My lady says a sheep hug is one of the nicest things that she does each day. Well! I'd say a goat hug is just as nice but I don't like to stand still like Wickery and Tuuli the sheep like to. Wickery would cuddle all day if she'd let him! Humph. Silly sheep!

    1. Oh, Isobelle ~ I am SO happy to hear from you! I miss you and your Lady and think about you so often! Please ask your Lady to write soon and let us all know how she (and you of course!) are doing...

  3. Nancy, I'm so sorry I've been pretty blah for a while now! I came back just in time to see the lovely photos of Tia and Sable - your faves are mine as well. How sweet to see the sheep nuzzling the guardian dog!

    I hope all is going well for you.

    Nancy in Iowa



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