Friday, June 08, 2012

It's gonna be a HOT one...

 I apologize in advance if this post ends up being whiny.
But I HATE the heat!
And it's supposed to get hot today and stay hot until next week.

As in ninety degrees (F) and high humidity.

I know.
There are places where the temperatures are even higher.
But this is HUMID heat.

  The kind that just sucks the life out of you!

Anyone that knows me knows that I am the world's biggest baby, when it comes to being hot.
I am uncomfortable with anything above 70 degrees.
Heck!  I keep my thermostat set at 50 degrees all winter long ~ in MINNESOTA!

I hate sweating.

The dogs and I have a date at the beach this afternoon!
I made this video yesterday when I walked Cricket (one of my rescues who is available for adoption) down to the creek near my place...

I may just JOIN them today!
If only we didn't have to go OUT in the heat and humidity to GET to the beach...

It's only JUNE!


  1. Come visit me, Nancy. We're having MARCH weather here. (And I'm not complaining!)

    1. Maybe next month, Michelle.
      When it's APRIL there...


      Can I bring the dogs?

    2. Sure, if they are all flea-free and vaccinated. I have five fenced acres and I'm sure Jackson and Dozer would love to have playmates!

  2. P.S. Our March weather probably IS your April weather. ;-)

  3. Hot here, too! I love the photo of you lying in the grass with the lambs! I am envious of that!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Nancy, did you see my flashy twins and Pia's flashy daughter?

  5. You SO need to move to the UK! I'm sitting here in my winter clothes with the heating on listening the rain lashing down and the wind howling. Flaming June? I think not.

    I loved seeing Cricket playing in the water. Any news on her adoption, there were a few people interested, didn't they work out for her?


  6. Weather is crazy everywhere. I'm a 70 degree person myself.
    I know a lot of people wondering how hot it's going to be this summer!

  7. Marilyn11:01 PM

    What opposites we are. It is suppose to be 90 degrees and humid here in Southwest Michigan and I am looking forward to it. I don't even feel like doing anything till the temp. gets around 70.
    Girls at the sewing shop are all ready wearing shorts and sleevless shirts. I allways have on jeans a tee shirt and a long sleeve work shirt with the sleeves rolled half way up. Just naturaly cold blooded I quess.
    Hope you get to enjoy a swim with the puppies.

  8. Oh my. I am planning on visiting Minnesota next week for a few days and here in the Pacific Northwest the temps are not rising above the low 60's. Now I know how to pack!

  9. Are you and I related?? I dread summer and I live in a dry summer area. Not much humidity here. Still I HATE the heat and loose all my energy in it.
    Loved the video. We use to have a black lab that loved to run through any water he could find. I would get in with him too, if I could. Summer should be spent in creeks, rivers, ponds and swimming pools.

  10. I am so with you! For some reason your posts aren't showing up on my reading list so I thought you weren't posting. Glad I thought to manually check in. Argh.



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