Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Whirl-around Wednesday...

I don't believe that I have ever had a dog that chased (and caught!) it's tail quite as enthusiastically as Cricket.

Have a FUN Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Have you heard of a reason that dogs chase their tails? I remember my trainer mentioning something a long time ago and said a change in food will help that. Have you ever heard that?

    1. I never heard of that. I that Cricket chases her tail to get attention because she does it when nobody is paying attention to her but one of the other dogs is getting petted or fussed over. She also does it 'on cue' and always gets laughs and told how funny she is. Of course, like all dogs, Cricket likes to be fussed over! :-)

      I like to watch the dogs out the window when they're out in the yard or pasture and I have never seen Cricket chase her tail unless a there was somebody was standing there to watch her.

      So, at least in Cricket's case, I don't think diet is causing her to chase her tail. I'm pretty sure she just does it because of the attention that it brings her.

      I do, however, appreciate the suggestion and there could be folks out there with dogs that chase their tails obsessively who might benefit from looking into it!

  2. Funny girl! She's looking so good now :o)

    My dog Rosie Mae has always chased her tail and still does (she's 15). When she was younger she seemed to take off she'd spin so fast!! Generally I don't think it's a diet thing, I always thought it was just a playful puppy thing that has hung on into adulthood. Rosie Mae does do it on her own - in the garden when we're indoors, upstairs when we're eating downstairs, in the sitting room when I'm in the kitchen. She does it and it makes her happy!

    1. I have to admit, I'm glad that Cricket doesn't do it unless someone is watching. She seems to be a fairly obsessive dog and I can see where this could become a problem if she received too much encouragement. She is so funny though ~ she'll chase it so hard that she actually gets dizzy and will stagger and fall over in her attempt to devour her tail!



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