Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I spent a good deal of time on the computer, last night, with my good friend,Kim, who helped me make a button for my blog. It's my very favorite picture of my very favorite sheep: "Highland Hollow ALICE".

Alice is the ewe that decided that I would have Shetland sheep. Once I met her, there was no turning back. She claimed me. Alice was for sale because she was not friendly towards her shepherdess. But, for some reason, known only to Alice, she decided that she loved me! She came right up to me for petting and didn't let any of Jane's other sheep draw my attention. She is my friend. My heart. My spirit. This ewe has a sense of dignity and serenity and wisdom that makes me feel that all is (or will be!) right with the world. She keeps me centered. Can you tell I'm rather fond of Alice? ;-)

This lovely lady has given me numerous exceptional quality lambs. In fact, the beautiful, black, ram in yesterday's post is her son, "Skittles"! I'm hoping for a daughter to keep this year...

Here's the button that we designed (THANK YOU KIM!!)

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  1. You are so VERY welcome! It turned out wonderful (mostly because she is an exceptional ewe and you are an exceptional photographer!). It's lovely against the black background.



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