Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thank you!

What a great first day in Blogdom!! Thank you all for the comments (both on here and sent to me via e-mail). I tried to reply to a couple of the comments but can't find a way to do so, other than posting on here. I thought maybe I could click on the name of the person who commented and it would e-mail them but it doesn't. Just takes me to their profile (which is interesting in its self) but no way to contact them. There probably IS a way...I just haven't figured it out yet.
Want another pretty picture? Here's one of my favorites. I have a 16 x 20 of this, framed and hanging in our hallway.

I took this picture, in March of 2005. On the day that we were scheduled to have our flock sheared! Needless to say, we rescheduled shearing. Not as much snow now but bitter cold. We set a record low temperature, for the date, yesterday with 24 degrees below zero. My sheep are all still in full fleece and don't seem to mind a bit! I do tend to give them a bit more hay though...

Several people have mentioned that the black background on this blog makes reading the text difficult. Perhaps I'll experiment around with some different backgrounds over the next few days. Let me know what you like! As far as the "name this blog contest", we've had a few good suggestions. The vast majority, thus far, seem to think I should just keep it "A Shepherd's Voice". I actually thought up another one, this afternoon, while doing the dishes. I can't tell you about it yet...have to wait until the contest ends (Feb. 25). But it's really good and ties in both sheep and knitting. I'm curious to see if anyone else comes up with the same suggestion.


  1. Nice blog-I'm enjoying it! I like A Shepherd's Voice but am interested in what your new inspiration might be, too. It's a challenge to pick a good name-no doubt. I skipped that part ;~)

  2. hehe i had a hard enough coming up with a name for MINE (such as it is)...i'm not bold enough to think i can name someone else's ;o)

    great to see you've got a blog now nancy, i love seeing the pics of all your lovely beasties...i'll be keeping tabs on you here as well as on the Pi list ;o) i assume you'll be posting when/if you have fleeces available? *HINT HINT lol*

    laurie (from EZasPi/SLW)

  3. Hey! I'm getting ready to shear my friend's shetties in a couple of weeks. Fly me up and I'll do yours too! I work for fleece. ;)



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