Monday, February 20, 2006


I thought I'd show you a couple more shots of Shetland Sheep in the Snow. Seeing as it is Elaine would say: "the armpit of winter" ;-)

I had such a wonderful weekend! In addition to getting my Blog on-line. My youngest daughter came out for a visit and two friends came over, yesterday, to spin. One of them, Julie, brought along her brand new, Roberta, electric SPINNER and left it for me to use! She doesn't have time to spin and doesn't really know how to, so the plan is for me to learn to use the electric and then teach her. Yeah, like I'm ever going to willingly give it up!!! But Julie's welcome to come visit it whenever she wants to. I would post a picture of it, but my dd took my camera back with her. Next week...

Now I'm coming down with a head cold. Never fear: there's chicken simmering in a pot on the stove. Home-made chicken soup will have me feeling better in no time! I just wish I didn't have to be the one to make it ;-

1 comment:

  1. Oh those sheep actually make the snow look GOOD! That ram is just freaking GORGEOUS.



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