Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another year older...

And it doesn't bother me ONE BIT! Yup, today's my birthday. AND the end of the "name that blog contest". I want to thank everyone who made suggestions. There were some really good ones! I fear this may be a bit "anti-climactic", but I've decided to stay with "A Shepherd's Voice". I should have known that would happen. The other possibility that I very seriously considered was "The Opinionated Shepherdess". To those of you (if there are, indeed, any of you!) who are NOT into knitting, that name would be a take off on Elizabeth Zimmerman's "The Opinionated Knitter". I thought it would tie the sheepy part and the knitting part of my blog, nicely. But, once Kim made me that button...."A Shepherd's Voice" just couldn't be changed.

Speaking of Kim, she and Angie (another sheep/knitting friend) are on their way here! They decided that if I wouldn't go up to the Twin Cities, to see them this weekend, they'd come here. What wonderful friends! Kim's even bringing a birthday cake! My daughter brought back my camera so I'll try to get some pictures today...

Speaking of pictures... My 2007 Calendars are in!! They turned out beautifully (if I DO say so myself!). I used the close-up, headshot of Paco for the cover and each month has a full color, suitable for framing, photo of one of my Shetlands taken during that time of the year. I'll post photos of each month's picture as we go through the year. Since we're already into February, I'll share the cover, January and February with you NOW:

I'll post the new photo-of-the-month on the first of each month. It's easy, now that I've figured out how to use my scanner! Who ever said you can't teach an old dog (shepherdess!) new tricks???

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  1. Happy Birthday Nancy! I love your calendar! Put me down for one!



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