Friday, December 14, 2007


Mom had the day off work today!!!

She spent the morning decorating Christmas trees and then we went outside...

First we fed the goats. We always feed the goats first but Mom didn't take any pictures because they won't come out of the barn! What babies!!

Then we fed "Moon" and his group of ewes. They sure do like that hay!

Next, we fed "Hunter's" group.
They're all brown ~ what boring lambs they'll probably have! At least Moon's girls come in lots of different colors.

Next we fed the ewe lambs.

They have the calf hut for shelter and always run when I come into their paddock. I don't know why ~ I never chase them. Mom says they're afraid of the sled she's pulling.

Last of all, Mom feeds the two ram lambs. She doesn't take pictures of them because she feels sad that they have to go see "Mike the Meat Man".

After everyone is fed, Mom hauls water to each of the groups and then feeds the chickens. Today she put fresh straw in each of the shelters too and gave all the sheep and goats fresh minerals and Sea Kelp. I think she spoils those guys!

DREAM says...

..."Mom hasn't spent a whole lot of time with me lately, but that's OK...Moon's been keeping me company!"


  1. Terry9:34 PM

    Little Godiva is looking stunning among all her black cousin ewe lambs! Looking forward to our visit Sunday afternoon...


  2. Anonymous9:53 PM

    your trees are beautiful, Nancy! (The sheep are cute, too)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday too, Terry! Maybe we can convince Godiva that we're not scary monsters after all...

    Thank you Angela! I love my tall, skinny Alpine tree! I won't have to undecorate it after the holidays. It's skinny enough that I can just carry it downstairs and cover it until next year!

    Thank you Angela! I think the sheep are so beautiful this time of year. I love the full fleeces and those delicate little legs sticking out of the big cotton puffs... ;-)

  4. I LOVE your hay!!! Ooo...I am so envious of such nice hay. What we're been getting in here is such, well, you know....
    All of the grass is half brown and very stemmy. I've supplimented with some alfalfa pellets this year just to make sure everyone is getting their nutrients. At almost $20/bale, you'd think it would be perfect hay, right?

    Someday...when Ralph retires I hope we can find a place as nice as yours. :)

    And Bella is so cute with her "snood"! ROFL!!!



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