Thursday, December 20, 2007

MUCH Better.....

What a relief!
I put my gender groups back together yesterday and I now only have to feed and water TWO GROUPS!!! Well, that counts the rams and the goats as one group ~ they're not actually together but do share a common barn. Regardless, it was a LOT LESS WORK!

All the ewes and ewe lambs have the "big" barn now and I love sitting in there with them and getting reacquainted! I have the day off tomorrow, so will get some new sheepy pictures for you.....

In the meantime, Meredith sends KISSES:


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Nancy, I think your angora goats are the cutest things! I am talking my husband into getting some for our farm, too. Angela

  2. Great minds MUST think alike, Nancy! I, too, put everyone back together in separate quarters. I think Skit was almost relieved. ;)
    I wanted to ask you if he was a very separate guy when you had him in with the rams...He definitely didn't want anyone in with him yesterday. And when one of his sons got even close to that darned tire-toy, he had a fit. LOL! So, just for today, he's back to himself with a common fence between him and the others...loving it! I have never seen a ram who "would rather be alone". He's in love with a tire! ROFL!!!!
    (I will be putting all the boys in together with him today after they spend time together in the big pasture...)

  3. Meredith is outrageously cute!


  4. Merry Christmas Nancy! Did your baby girl arrive safely in all that snow and wind? Hope so, and the rest of your loved ones, too.

    Very cute goats--looking forward to the SHEEP photos, too!

    Must go finish neck, sleeve edgings, seam sewing, and then I'm DONE with the little green tank top for Sara.
    Some cleaning and cooking to do yet, to. Give Godiva a chin scratch for me, and the others, too.




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