Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oblivious to the Holidays....

To the sheep, in the Bluff Country, Christmas morning is just like any other morning. They always have their friends and family gathered around.
Every day is one of peace and good will (well, almost every day).

They greet me like old friends and warm my heart on the frosty days of winter.

I still don't know how I came to be so lucky as to be living this wonderful life!

Even the boys have their safe, little niche in the world. I can't wait to see the beautiful lambs that they've sired, come April!

On the day after Christmas, my Beautiful Baby Girl (who's home for TEN DAYS!!! ) even managed to lure the goofy Goats out of their barn, for a photo shoot for her page in Face Book...

She's titling it: "Christmas on the Farm"
(her friends don't have to know that I really don't live on a farm ~ just a house in the country!) ;-) To Katie, it's a farm.

DREAM says....

We all wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year filled with Peace and Serenity and LOVE...


  1. Kelly V11:27 AM

    Poor, unloved, neglected Dream isn't the center of attention any more :-) She should learn to share as well as her "Mom" does :-)

  2. Not to worry, Kelly ~ Dream will never be unloved or neglected. She knows that she has her own, special place in my heart and she shoves every one else aside and stakes her claim, each day, when I go out to feed.

    She's the star on my Christmas tree...


  3. I am suffering from MAJOR barn envy Nancy!! It looks wonderful. Good for you!

    Where do you keep the rams?

    I know where those wretched goats live ... I MEAN those goats ... hehehe.

    Your goats to you ... are like my BFLs to me. We both love what we have ... and think the other is crazy for chosing as he/she did ... hehehe.

    Enjoy the time with your baby girl. And imagine me getting hold and love my baby girl's baby girl ... EVERY DAY ... *screammmmmm*


  4. Nancy: I think as long as their are farm animals there, you can 'legally' call it a farm. There is no specific size that is needed for that classification. We only have about 12 acres and we call it a 'farm' instead of an acreage. As long as the verbage police don't catch us, we'll be fine. Right?

    p.s. I'm like bill, I have barn envy too. My barn is great, but yours is just so pretty and new...

  5. Pretty and new, indeed! Of course, there are NO finished sub-divisions within the barn. Just one big empty space. Which is great for winter! I can feed the ewes off the floor by scattering small piles of hay all over the barn ~ just like I normally do outside. It's nice to be able to feed off the floor inside, in inclement weather! I hope to set up some pens and lambing jugs early next Spring. Any suggestions????

    The rams now live in what was the ewe barn. The goats (exquisite creatures that they are!) live in the back half of the now ram barn with access to the back yard. I'll probably put them in with the rams during the summer months, when I don't want them in the back yard. I'll do some minor shifting of fences in the Spring to adjust new pastures for the ewes and rams.

    I envy your 12 acres, Becca! I've got less than 5!

    Bill, I do understand the joy that you're feeling. I have three Grandsons ~ all from my oldest daughter. You do, however, have me beat with that little girl...I always wanted a granddaughter! ;-)

    Happy New Year !

  6. Kelly V12:41 PM

    I was just joking Nancy. I know she is special.



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