Wednesday, November 19, 2008


If there is one THEME apparent with the boys in the Bluff Country (other than the obvious, obnoxious one!) it appears to be Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"

Notice Hunter and Moon in this series of photos...

My ROOSTERS (yes, Lucca is definitely a BOY) are also spending a lot more time together.

Bruce seems to enjoy the company of his son and is showing him how to be a rooster.

Lucca is really beginning to develop some beautiful color!

Only one more week until I separate off my breeding group.

Who will it be????

DREAM says...

"Diva and I aren't telling. But, I gotta say, that Alice sure is being a tart! All she does is stand by the fence and make GOO-Goo Eyes at Hunter!"


  1. Gorgeous rams! I am jealous so am not too sympathetic to your breeding dilemma.

  2. Beautiful photos of your boys. My decision is made and I'm crossing fingers for lots of spots next year :o)

  3. Gorgeous boys! I, too, am very jealous of your flock. Shetlands are so beautiful and yours especially.

    Oh, and for some reason I've been thinking Dream is a wether. Please apologize to Miss Dream for me.

  4. I love having a flock vicariously through your blog-check mine out to get the award I have passed on to you in thanks!

  5. Nancy - Lucca sure has some cool colours in him - I was almost thinking he looked like he had Brahma in him as well - maybe Bruce is part Brahma? In any case - nice looking boys - all of them.

  6. Too funny! I have been watching the high school students and it occurred to me they are much like my goats...the flirting and taunting.....made me laugh.

  7. I also noticed how nice and clean your rams' faces are. My buck pees all over sheep do that too? Are they stinky?

  8. Who is that boy in the front who has much finer horns? Could he POSSIBLY carry a poll gene?

  9. Nice Boys - both sheep and roosters!

  10. My, what a beauty that Lucca is turning into! Now you need some girls to keep him entertained... since love seems to be in the air!

  11. Oh, that seems to be the statement at our farm too! I have two rams that look exactly like Hunter and Moon!!! I hope I can keep them at bay for one more week - just one more!!


  12. Ha! I love how your rams are staying so close to keep an eye on each other! :) I have a couple of girls making goo-goo eyes at my rams...hopefully they like them just as well when they are in the same paddock together after this weekend!



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