Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do Not Read This Post....*

* Unless you have/or intend to VOTE!

If you're reading this blog (and you obviously ARE, please VOTE! You have a chance to be part of History...don't blow it! Get out and VOTE...

Our animals have no say in the paths their lives will take ~ but we do. Please don't waste your chance. VOTE!

Don't be a "Butt Head! ~ VOTE

Don't be 'chicken'...make it a family affair ~ get out and VOTE!

Let your voice ~ and your choice! ~ be heard. Please VOTE.

Mom says there's No Excuse for not voting! I'd VOTE if I could!

Don't be afraid of a little line ~ GO VOTE!!

DREAM says...

..."So what are you waiting for??? Get out and VOTE!!!!"

OK, Mom ~ we're ready. Let's GO VOTE!


  1. Great post! You have such good ideas. I have to wait for Jake to get home and then to bale some hay for somebody, but then we will vote.

  2. Great post indeed! To think when my grandparents were born women couldn't vote, and the house I live in was built before the Civil War, it is amazing to see how far this nation has come. I live not to far from an area that was paramount in the abolitionist and women's suffrage moments. No matter who wins, history will be made and that is SO exciting! I am going to check all the water in the pastures and then off to VOTE. Have a great Nancy, you're awesome!

  3. Cute post Sis!
    We had the option of early voting, so I did on Thursday :).

  4. Wonderful post, Nancy! Good onya for stating it so many (creative) ways! :)

  5. Great post! I mailed mine in two weeks early. :)



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