Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Working Overtime...

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I'm putting lots of overtime hours in at work. Gotta make the money while the money's there to be made! Since I am such a visual person, I decided to decorate my cubicle at work so that I feel more 'at home' when I'm there...

Plus, it reminds me what I'm working so hard for!

I actually went in on Friday (my day off) and put up these decorations. It's so festive! I love it. I made sure to have lights and pictures of my sheep right at eye level so that it would be a cheerful place for me to spend many hours...

I used Christmas gift warp for the 'wall paper' and cut out pictures of my sheep from one of my extra REAL SHEEP calendars. I'm very pleased with the results and actually look forward to going into work!

Two of "my babies" are leaving today. And then I go to WORK...

Happy Holidays,Everyone!


  1. You give new meaning to "brighten the corner where you are....!"

    Very pleasing results!

  2. Anonymous12:39 PM

    What a great effort and so cheerful.

  3. Terry7:35 PM

    Nancy, What a great idea. Maybe I should do something like that. I just cleaned my office a week ago and it's already a huge mess of paper piled up again.

    Maybe I would be more reverent of the space if I have more of myself in it....

  4. I would feel at home in your cubicle! What a great idea!! I bet you're missing Cassy and Mystery, but I was glad to hear what a great home they went to (even if it wasn't mine!) :)

  5. Lol!! My DH will be so jealous that you can do this at work... I think it's absolutely perfect! Especially the sheep among the trees, you brilliant woman!

  6. That's so neat mom! thank you for sharing that, it's nice to have a picture in my mind when i think of you at work, and thats a very festive picture! Have a very happy thanksgiving with all our "babies", but let them know your REAL baby gets you for the next holiday :)

  7. My heart just races and I'm smiling from ear to ear...just thinking about my Beautiful Baby Girl coming home makes me SO HAPPY!!!

    I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, Sweetie...

  8. What a clever idea! It looks so festive, and very creative. I love how you cut out the sheepies so they look more 'real'. My work 'space' isn't a cubicle, but is out in a common area, so I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me doing that, but I have been thinking about framing a few of the sheep/scenery pictures and taking them in to brighten my corner! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Love your cube decorations - and really love your new shawl! How beautiful! We just picked up our fiber from Gretchen's wool Mill - she blended some shetland & alpaca for us - it is like putting your hand in a cloud! Can't wait to make something out of it!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. T.

  10. I'm loving it! So festive and cheerful.


    Your daughter is so beautiful Nancy.

  11. Hmmmm, I don't see any pictures of your sisters in there...... :P.



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