Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It ain't over just because it's over...

 Make EVERY day 
"Memorial Day"

To me, Memorial Day is not just about honoring the military men and women who lost their lives serving their country.  Those who made the 'ultimate sacrifice' are remembered with gratitude for what they have done, in the past.  But Memorial Day is ~ or should also be ~ about all of the men and women who are currently making great sacrifices in order to keep us safe and protect our way of life TODAY!

Not only do the men and women of today's military forces risk their lives to protect our country, they give up their own personal freedom in order to ensure ours!

These photos are of my "Beautiful Baby Girl" (youngest daughter, Katie) as she greets her husband upon his return from deployment.  

You can see the joy and relief that they feel in knowing that Carter is safely back on US ground!
And yet, their sacrifice continues.  The Navy determines where they live and where & when they can travel.  They are not free to live together at this time because their various specialties within the Navy require that they be stationed on different bases, in different states. 

Yet, they are happy and proud to serve their country.  Even if it means having a long-distance marriage.  

As the Mom and Mother-in-Law, in spite of the incredible PRIDE that I feel, I for one will be ecstatic when they are out of the military.  I do know however, that they will never lose that sense of duty to their country that makes them both the very best at what they do.  

That is why, 
for me, 
EVERY day is Memorial Day.

I am beyond grateful to every man and woman who chooses to give up their personal freedom to protect that of the United States.  They are the best of the best.  They and their families are in my prayers each and every day.  And whenever I see a young man or woman in uniform, I always ~ and very sincerely ~ thank them for their service and their sacrifice. 
 I hope that you do too...


  1. What a lovely post. Please thank your daughter and SIL for me for their service to our country.

    Like you my daughter and her husband currently live apart. She is in the Army in CA and he is in the Air Force in NE. They sacrifice so much for us we should always honor them.:-)

  2. Beautifully written, Nancy. And give both your BBG and Carter my thanks as well.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. Well said Nancy and the pictures are beautiful.

  4. The pictures tell the story perfectly. Your story reminds us all of the thanks that we owe people like your daughter and her husband.



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