Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She made my Heart rock!

I was oh-so pleasantly surprised when the mail arrived on Monday.  A wonderful friend, that I met when we shared a room at a Breast Cancer Retreat last year, sent me a VERY special gift. 

Inside the lovely little pink satin bag there was:
A beautiful, polished, HEART ROCK!  Along with a touching note that said it made her think of me when she saw it, and that she just had to buy it for me.

What an incredibly thoughtful surprise!
It would be difficult for me to explain just how much this little surprise meant to me. 

To say that it touched me deeply and made my heart smile would not be an exaggeration.
Sometimes, the littlest of gifts can make the biggest impression.

Thank you Joy!
I love you.


  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    That's very sweet. It reminds me of a worry stone, have you heard of those? You rub them when you are worried or stressed. It is supposed to help. :-)

    1. I have heard of worry stones, Jodistone! In fact, I have a couple. This little heart would make a very nice worry stone ~ you are right about that!


  2. I love it Nancy, how perfect!

    1. It really IS perfect, Becky. It's amazing how close we became and how much we learned about each other during that four day breast cancer retreat!

  3. Don't those little unexpected acts of random kindness just make you blubber?
    Way to go Joy!!!! Two thumbs up.

  4. Love sent in a little pink satin bag - what a special and thoughtful gift :o)


    1. From a special and thoughtful lady!



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