Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life without a Camera...

I know, it's been a LONG time since I last posted.  There's a real long story that explains all the ins-and-outs of 'Why' but I won't bore you with that.  Suffice it to say that I once again have a CAMERA and I'm happily snapping photographs by the hundreds!  ;-)

I'm not quite sure why it is that I seem unable to post if I don't have pictures to inspire me but I am just going to accept that as a fact and keep my camera close at hand.  There's been some excitement happening in the Bluff Country since my last post.

Meet "GYPSY"

Gypsy came to us all the way from North Carolina where she found herself in a 'high-kill shelter' with a very grim future.  Fortunately, a kind woman named Sylvia, recognized what a sweet little dog Gypsy is and she pulled Gypsy from the shelter and put her in boarding at a nearby Veterinary Clinic.  Sylvia paid the daily board, out of her own pocket, so that Gypsy could live long enough to be rescued and find a forever home.  You'd be amazed by how many wonderful people there are all across the country who give of their time, their money, their skills and so much more, to save homeless dogs from being killed because there's no place to keep them.

Just look at our beautiful little "Tiger Puppy"!

I just love her beautiful, brindle markings.

The folks at the NC shelter had Gypsy (they called her 'Girlie') listed as a "Shepherd mix" but I'm not so sure about that.  She's clearly young ~ my guess would be about nine months.  She's awfully small (about 40 lbs) for a Shepherd mix and of course, Shepherds don't come in brindle.  I see more lab in her and someone mentioned that the cross could be 'Plott Hound"  I just Googled Plott Hound and it sure does seem likely that our beautiful Gypsy is a Plott Hound/Lab cross!  YIPPEE!!!  JD has kind of made us all into BIG hound fans!

Gypsy has totally won us ALL over.
Even Sable and Cricket ~ who are notorious for NOT liking other female dogs!

Gypsy is just so obnoxiously sweet that they let her get away with murder.  She can even grab a toy out of Cricket's mouth and NO ONE else dares even get close to Cricket when she's got a toy!

Hero, of course, LOVES Gypsy.

That is, he loves to MAUL her!

Don't worry,
our little Tiger Pup is FEARLESS and she gives as good as she gets!

Please join us in welcoming Gypsy to the BCCR family.
She will be available for adoption after vetting and is going to make a GREAT family dog!  Believe it or not, under that rough, tough, Tiger-dog lies the heart of a puppy...


  1. Pam Key11:31 AM

    She is adorable! She will be a great addition to anyones family, she looks sweet.

    1. OMG ~ she really is the cutest thing, Pam! You should come see her. And she came completely house-trained!

  2. I love her face - how I wish I could have a dog!

    1. I'll share mine with you Mom L...


    2. If I lived closer to you I would take you up on that!

      Nancy in Iowa

  3. Oh my gosh she could be twins with my six year old lab cross Java :) Her mom was a black lab mix her dad is the "traveling salesman" but our vet thought boxer or pit bull was likely.

    Here's a picture of our bridle girl :)

    She'll make somebody a wonderful companion!
    HUGs Kim and the crew in Canada

  4. Sylvia is an angel to have plucked sweet Gypsy from her uncertain future at the shelter and to have paid for her safety until you were an angel and took her in. Gypsy looks an absolute darling, the photos of her playing are so precious. I wish her a happy forever home soon.


  5. The do look a lot alike. At least color wise. I wonder if Java has Plott Hound in her. Her ears look more like a boxer's.

    I have to admit, I'm VERY much in love with MUTTS. They seem much healthier, stronger and less neurotic than most purebreds I've met!

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Kim!

  6. Boy she is beautiful! A great save again!

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Gypsy is very pretty!


  8. Nancy,

    Thank you for your comments on my blog for these past few years - your friendship has meant a lot to me, even though we were never able to connect face-to-face (isn't that funny, even though we've both been to Shepherd's Harvest?...) It's been an inspiration to see you struggle and thrive through bouts of hard times and good, and I've so enjoyed being able to see and hear about *all* your babies, both human and animal. Never doubt that there is value in sharing your thoughts, knowledge, experience and love with the world - you are a treasure!!

    I do love music of many sorts, so I don't know that I have a favorite song or artist. I do know that at my memorial I would like to have 'Wanting Memories' played - my son's choir used to sing it, so it is meaningful to me (you can find a reasonably nice version of it on YouTube, sung by Sweet Honey In The Rock).

    I feel so lucky to have my family and friends around me, either in person or over the internet - people say that the internet interferes with human connection, but I certainly haven't found that to be the case. I don't know what I would have done without my cyber-friends this past few years! You've been a source of comfort and inspiration, of knowledge and of joy. Sometimes I need to be reminded that there's another world out there that keeps spinning on regardless of our little troubles and crises... being with you and my other blogging friends can be such a wonderful break from my own life when I start feeling sorry for myself.

    Well, off I must go to the next radiation treatment - but I wanted you to know what a blessing you have been to me, and continue to be as I go through this next step in my journey. You are loved, you are loved, you are loved!!


  9. We love the brindle coloring she is a real looker!!

  10. I hope Gypsy finds a forever home soon! I sent the URL to this blog post to 2 people, but neither one can take on another dog at this time.

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. Anonymous8:17 PM

    She is absolutely beautiful, I'm certain someone will adopt her very quickly!

  12. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Oh, she is gorgeous. I know this is an older post, but I couldn't help but notice that she looks like a darker version of my 10 month old baby girl. Her mom is an American Bulldog/lab cross, and her dad is a black shepherd mix.



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