Sunday, March 12, 2006


Light grey, handspun, handknit shawl made with wool from our 4 year old Shetland ram.

So far, I've kept this blog pretty much about my wonderful Shetland sheep. That's because I love them so and they have brought such joy to my life. But I also want to share with you another source of pleasure that I enjoy (thanks to my sheep!) and that is knitting. I learned to spin, when I got my first Shetland sheep. Soon I had all this yarn and no idea WHAT to do with it. So, I learned how to knit. I was NOT a fast learner. In fact, I almost gave it up (many times!) before I ever got the hang of it. Fortunately, I hung in there and have now found knitting to be very addictive and almost as much fun as spending time with my sheep! I get the most wonderful feeling of satisfaction when I'm knitting something ~ for myself, or for a gift for a loved one ~ out of yarn that I spun from my very own sheep. What an incredible circle to be a part of!
I LOVE the natural colors of Shetland wool! And it is SO soft.... I am particularly fond of making shawls. They're like HUGS! I made my very first Shetland Lace shawl, for my Aunt. Here's a picture of it. I used the fleece from my beautiful ewe, "Zest". I used to spend a couple of weeks at my Aunt & Uncle's house, in Kenosha, WI., when I was a little girl and have such fond memories of the time I spent with them. It meant a lot to ME to be able to give this shawl to my Aunt.

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