Monday, March 13, 2006

Taking pictures....

This is a photograph of three of the four rams we used for breeding this year. On the left, in the photo, is "Bluff Country Apocalypse" (Paco). In the middle is Paco's sire, "Bluff Country Skittles". To the right, in the photo is "Sheepy Hollow Zorro". Don't they look handsome?
Our new ram-lamb "Windswept Bravo" had three ladies of his own for his first year as flock sire.
Such a handsome bunch of boys! Of course, it's not always easy to get a good picture. I take LOTS of pictures before I get the ones that I like to show off. I've learned a few, simple steps, over the years...#1: get as CLOSE as you can. Eliminate as much clutter and unwanted objects as possible from your photo by getting as close as you can. This also makes for a more detailed photograph that is more suitable for enlarging. #2: Be aware of the BACKGROUND. In the beginning, I took many pictures that were nice shots of the sheep but had really ugly backgrounds. Look, before you snap the shutter, at what is behind the image you're shooting. #3: Early morning or late afternoon LIGHT is better than bright mid-day sun for rich colors. When the sun is high in the sky, colors tend to wash out. I love taking pictures on misty mornings!
Here, three of my girls (Zanex, Kit Kat and Zodiak) seem to be whispering about those handsome rams...

Sometimes, even when the lighting and the background is perfect, you just can't get the subjects to cooperate. I've had many a day where all I could get was shots of my woolly friends with their heads down, grazing. ESPECIALLY the boys! In the process of getting the first picture in this post I took many of the boys that did not turn out quite so nicely.

Then again, sometimes even the pictures that aren't "keepers" can have their own charm...I call this one:
it's one of my favorites ;-)

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