Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shearing news and KNITTING (finally!)

Shearing is over and my flock looks GREAT! Not too fat, not too thin and all the girls are definitely pregnant ;-) My camera batteries died on me yesterday so I didn't get any pictures during the process. They are recharging right now so I will get some 'after' pictures and pictures of some of the fleeces up tomorrow.

In the meantime....Meet SUE THE EWE
Is she adorable or what???? My friend Kim sent me the link. It's to "EARTH HEART DESIGNS" and the pattern is available for sale there. Of course, everyone knows that sheep are flock animals and would never be happy by there's a friend for Sue...

I think these guys are too cute! I may just have to find an empty pair of needles....

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  1. hehehehe...i've got the pattern for sue, but haven't gotten around to figuring out what sort of yarn i want to use for her...just think, she could have her own custom made shetland shawl ;o) sam's on the 'to buy' list at some point as well...oddly enough i seem to be fond of sheepies ;o)

    can't wait to see sheep p0rn (well wouldn't you classify nekkid sheep as that? *grin*)



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