Saturday, November 17, 2007

A First for Bellamica...

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We had our first, VERY light sprinkling of snow, this morning. Bella and I ran out to get pictures. If you look closely, you can see the sprinkles of white on her ears. It's almost frightening, how much I love this puppy... We can't wait 'till we get LOTS of snow!

ZODIAK says.... "Dream's pouting! WE got snowed on too, ya know!"

I'm sorry, Dreamer! Sheep pictures tomorrow ~ I promise!


  1. Tell Zodiak that we haven't had snow in Arizona yet and Skittles would LOVE to see her! (This is his first day in with the he's been a busy-boy!)

  2. Terry9:40 PM

    Hi Nancy and everyone,

    We had snow 40 miles from Nancy, too. Just a little. Your sheep look ready for it, Nancy, such long, thick fleeces!

  3. Ah, snow, I remember trudging ten miles in it to school every morning as a child but I haven't seen the stuff lately. Enjoy it,you deserving lady!

  4. My little Zoe ignored the first few days of the pitiful snow flakes but NOW with this foot of snow, she's acting like a dolphin in the water, running under the fluffy stuff and bounding UP and over a bit of the snow and back under where you can't see her. OR she's just that short and it looks like she is under the snow lol.

    dogs are so amazing.



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