Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Believe...

I etched this in the corner of the new barn that faces my house. Many years ago, I was blessed to share my life with a beautiful Arabian mare that I called "Majik". I spelled it that way on purpose. She was my light and my love. While I had Majik my motto was: "Believe in Majik". And I did. I truly believed that things would always work out. No matter how bad they may seem, things would get better and life would be good.

Long story short, I had to sell Majik when I got a divorce from my alcoholic husband. It broke my heart. Once I got back on my feet I searched for Majik. I was never able to get her back. For many years I believed that the magic was gone in my life. This time last year, I believed that the same thing was going to happen with my beloved Shetland sheep.

Not any more. I DO believe in Majik! Do you?


  1. I believe in Majik as well, my friend. Good on you and continued blessings in your life.

    Don't forget to believe in "Dream"s as well.

  2. I was just reading your blog! I know you believe in Majik, my friend. In fact, you are one of the people who MAKE Majik happen. The world is a better place because you are in it!

  3. What a cool thing to put in your cement! You know I just realized that we forgot to all sign that board that was supposed to go up in your barn. Your girls got it out at your party and then we all forgot to sign it. You should maybe start having everyone who comes to buy lambs sign their autograph on your barn door or something. What a neat keepsake that would be.

  4. Glad to see that I can leave a comment. Yes, I believe, and I am thrilled that your magic has happened.

  5. Terry9:18 PM


    I believe in Miracles. Miracle was the name of our beautiful little Arabian gelding that we had to sell. I was really sad we had to sell him, too. It's so fitting we are friends now--Majik and Miracle go together so well...

  6. Diane5:53 PM

    Ditto what 'shepherdchik' said...such a great thing to write
    in a substance that will endure over time. Your barn is now infused with boundless spirit!

  7. Katie did sign the board ~ after everyone left. It's very special to me. I miss her so...

  8. Nancy!
    I haven't looked at blogs for weeks and was so jealous to see your beautiful new barn going up! Good for you!
    And I love your baby goats, too. Like Dream, I'm not so sure about the dog idea. . . ;-)

  9. What a beautiful way to anchor the new beginning! Generations to come will be inspired by your Majik, as we all are inspired by your energy and faith.

  10. What a kind thing to say. Thank you!



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