Saturday, November 24, 2007

Making Hay While the Sun Shines....

Isn't that what Somebody called "it" when I was a little girl...?

Well, while my sheep were making hay - settling into their breeding groups, my goats took advantage of my lack of attention and explored the Hay Barn!

That's "McSteamy" up front ~ he's only coming out because he saw me coming and is thinking that I might have a treat for him. I don't THINK so....

He IS mighty cute though!

McDreamy and McSteamy are both wethered, so pretty little Meredith is safe.

Barn closed, all the animals fed and watered (FIVE groups to feed and water now!). I'm heading in to warm up. Which is kind of an oxymoron, considering the thermostat in my house is set on 50 degrees!!

DREAM says....

....."Can't chat right now ~
I've got a date with MOON in the new barn tonight...!"


  1. You are right; they are adorable. I had help and set up my mini-groups on Thanksgiving. The 50 degrees sound just plain awful!! I would freeze!

  2. just put on extra layers! Thick wool socks and felted slippers help, as does a wool shawl (over the sweats, sweatshirts and bathrobe). I've got so many covers on my bed that I actually end up kicking the top quilt OFF during the night! Just think of all the money I'm saving on heat...

  3. Terry9:40 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Those irresistable goats look like they are having a GOOD TIME climbing hay bales. Must've been the week for mischief at Bluff Country...

  4. Are you keeping your house that cold on purpose?

    Looks like you will have plenty of mohair to spin come sheering time.

  5. Diane7:07 PM

    My best staying-warm tip: A rice filled pillow that goes in the microwave for about 2 minutes. It's perfect to wear around the neck to preheat before venturing out in the cold.
    Those goats look like they have a perpetual grin on their face!

  6. I DO keep my house that 'cold' on purpose. It's my effort to try to keep my fuel costs manageable. I'm hoping to only use one tank of propane this winter. It's at 70% full now. I really don't mind the cold. I dress in layers and have plenty of throws and shawls around if I need a little extra. It's perfect for cleaning and vacuuming, I even take off some layers then and when I knit on my wool blanket! I'm worried about this weekend because I have an animal sitter staying here while I go to my Beautiful Baby Girl's graduation from Navy Boot Camp. I'm sure she'll turn the heat up ~ I wouldn't even think of asking her not to! But I dread the drain on my winter supply...

    Getting very frugal in my old age!

    P.S. I did use the 'rice bag' in the microwave for a Foot warmer until I changed to my winter, micro-fiber, sheets. They don't feel cold to the touch when you first climb into bed like the cotton ones did. I'm actually QUITE warm in bed...



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