Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life is Good....

"SHELTERING PINES CRESCENT MOON" arrived, after dark, last night. I knew that he felt wonderful ~ very soft fleece. But couldn't really see him, until I got home from work today.
He is AWESOME!!! I am REALLY stoked about my 2007/2008 breeding groups! To be announced SOON.

The new barn is progressing nicely. Windows and trim are going in now! I think the crew will stop for a few days and wait for the guy to come pour the concrete. I'm having 3 foot high concrete walls all around the barn! That ought to keep the rams in and keep them from "redecorating"... ;-)

I let the goats out with the ewes yesterday! Everyone got along fine. The goats pretty much stuck together. Once in a while, one of the ewes (usually Rosie!) would chase them, but for the most part, peace reigned. I think they all just appreciated the fresh pasture. Mc Steamy even learned a few tricks from DREAM...

...."I had NOTHING to do with that! It's not like I volunteered to share my pumpkin...!


  1. Terry8:53 PM

    If I were Dream, Godiva and the other ewes, I would have a BIG CRUSH on Crescent Moon. He is a HUNK!!!!!

    So do you think your barn will be finished by the time I get out to visit you and Godiva and everyone else? My friend Kate wants me to bring Sophie for a photo session with Godiva so she can put photos of them in the Ocicat newsletter--we'll call Godiva Sophie's new sister... Sophie will not like all those winding roads and being in a strange place with strange animals, but she DOES like the smell of greasy wool and being with me...

  2. He IS a hunk, hubba, hubba. Congratulations on your new boy and tell the girls congrats as well; I'm sure they'll enjoy him!

  3. Very nice looking fellow! It is nice to see your barn going up also. I am jealous of your concrete walls!

  4. Cool Beans! He IS a looker alright. :)

  5. Ooohh...what a nice looking ram (says Becca, who has already reserved a ram lamb from Bluff Country). I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation. What nice horns that fellow has! I love the boys with the stripe on the horn.

    The barn looks awesome too. Good idea on the cement. I might have to do that too next spring. I am so tired of the boys rearranging things this fall.



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