Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally when I put my breeding groups together. When I woke up this morning, Alice was standing by the fence, looking longingly over at the rams. I decided that today was the day. Crescent Moon and Alice wasted no time 'getting acquainted'. Zest was also more than happy to make Moon's acquaintance. Let's just say that there will definitely be lambs, late next April... ;-) He's going to be one tired ram tonight! Dream, Flash Flood and Zodiak are also in Moon's group ~ they were quite content to let Alice and Zest monopolize his attention.

Poor Hunter didn't have quite such good fortune. None of his girls were the LEAST bit interested in him! In spite of his persistent chasing, I'm quite sure that it will be a few days before he has much luck... I suspect that both Hunter and Moon are going to lose some weight ~ but for very different reasons!

As for me...I'm just so happy to still be here and planning for next year's lambs! I spent a wonderful day with my sheep, goats, dogs and cats. My Beautiful Baby Girl is "on Liberty" and spending the day with my Princess (who drove 5 hours to spend Thanksgiving day with her baby sister)! They called me this morning and will call again, tonight, to tuck me in. Life is SO good in the Bluff Country...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And, Dream, Happy Thanksgiving and happy dreams.

  2. I can't believe you have a (very discreet) PHOTO of breeding activity, when I don't ever witness more than a lip curl here! Next spring will bear witness to whether or not Braveheart ever did more than that....

  3. I must have very immodest (or Horny!) sheep, Michelle. Every year, when I put my breeding groups together, I witness at least two pairings. Not the same girls either, so it's not just that I have a couple of promiscuous ones! ;-)

    I think it's because I usually wait until I notice someone hanging out at the fence, batting her eyelashes at the rams, before I put them together. That's a pretty good sign that a ewe is cycling and when that's the case, all shyness disappears. After the initial introductions, I'm much less likely to witness breeding activity. I usually figure if a ewe is standing around with the ram or sharing his hay pile, she's cycling & will be bred within a 24 hour period.

    I debated about putting a photo up with breeding taking place but decided that the one I used was discreet enough.

  4. Hey! I've happened to get a few photos where Skit is "working hard" as well, Nancy! heeheehee It must be he's so fast that a digital camera just catches him busy. ;)

    It was the same way here, Nancy...the two older girls got in and got down with Skit straight away, but the newbies were just chased around. I'm sure they weren't cycling just then, but I now see the obvious "Rumpled Butts" so I'm sure they've succumbed to Skittles charms. And he was one tired boy! ;)

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. In my reflections of the Day, I count you as one of my blessings...and I know there was no way you would have lost Bluff Country with all the good vibes your friends sent your way. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

    Hugs from the SW!

  5. Get busy there Hunter! I'm hoping to get a little ram lamb from that batch of girls that you are chasing!

  6. What an incredibly kind thing of you to say Kathy! Thank you very much.

    Hunter and his girls seem to have settled down ~ not sure if he's given up or if he's just biding his time...


    There are going to be LOTS of HST babies next Spring! I'm hoping to keep a boy for myself too!!

  7. i can't believe they 'perform' for you! All I ever see is squatting and peeing, and lip curling! I sure hope they know what they are doing here!



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