Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I was doing the Dishes.....

The other day, I was at the kitchen sink, doing the dishes when I heard a scraping sound outside the window. The next thing I knew...

I was standing face-to-whisker with Lily!

There's no 'sill' under that window ~ Lily is literally hanging by her claws! (real good for the Screen)!

This is Lily's usual method of letting me know that she wants to come in the house.

Very subtle.

After 12 days with my Beautiful Baby Girl back home, it was time to say good-bye once again. I must confess, I went through several days of profound sadness. It's so hard letting her go so far away and not knowing when I'll see her again! But, I know that she's chosen a good path and I'm very proud of her (as I am of all three of my kids). I'll be here, when she wants to come visit "the farm" and at least now, we can stay in touch through phone calls and e-mail. I do know that she checks my blog frequently, to see what I've been up to...

DREAM says....

..."We miss you, Katie! Mom says you're going to make the world a safer place. Thank you!!!"


  1. Lily looks ALOT like Sage! (My monstrous orange and white kitty). This looks like some drama he would do too, and then have the look like Lily has---"I wouldn't have to DO these things, if you would just do your job, read my mind and let me in!" :-)
    Take care,

  2. Benjamin David Martens4:22 PM

    Nice cat, thats to funny.

  3. Hey Porkchop!!
    Want a cat?????


    I love you more

  4. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Nancy, our cats must have had the same mother & were separated at birth! I have a cat that has the benefit of a window sill outside, yet resorts to the same claw-hooking/screen tearing antic. The last time she did this, I could hardly unhook her claws from the screen. Well, she now has shorter claws/nails. But she's also very good at rattling the aluminum blinds inside to go OUTSIDE!! She seems to always be on the wrong side of the door/screen. Insane.

  5. Hey...I think it's great that Lily has you trained so well!

    And tell Katie, "Thank you!" from me and the DH. At least now people appreciate the folks in uniform. We were of the Vietnam ear and attitudes were VERY different then. I am so glad to see people appreciating those of us who choose to serve and make us safe.



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