Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just another day in Paradise...

Not much excitement going on in the Bluff Country. Which is just fine with me. ;-) I took a few pictures yesterday. I do so enjoy having a day off work!

This is "Bluff Country Godiva". She's the 2007 daughter of Bluff Country Flash Flood and Bluff Country Apocalypse. Godiva is sold but still lives here. I LIKE THAT! I didn't really want to sell her but couldn't justify keeping another solid colored ewe, so this way I get to "have my cake and eat it too"! Godiva will probably stay here for at least another year. That's just fine with me. She is a sweet, gentle, little ewe lamb and a delight to have around. This fall "we" (Godiva's owner and I ) will select which ram to breed her too.

Speaking of rams...

These are the three boys that still reside in the Bluff Country. I sold all of my mature rams to bring new blood into my HST breeding program. "Kimberwood Hunter" (fawn & white, HST, on the left) was bred to six of my ewes for 2008 lambs and "Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon" (moorit/smirslet, in the center of the photo) was bred to five. There should be some very nice, VERY colorful lambs in the Bluff Country come April....

The third ram lamb in the photo (black/bleset) is lucky to be alive! He is "Bluff Country American Idol". Idol was the last of the 2007 lambs to be born. He's almost a month younger that all of my other boys. He is out of Bluff Country Dusty Rose (Rosie) and sired by Bluff Country Apocalypse. As much as I was always VERY pleased with Idol's conformation (he is most excellent!), I do not have the need for another black, spot carrying ram. Even if he does look just like "Skittles"! I offered Idol for sale in 2007 but no one purchased him. I didn't want to keep an 'extra' ram over the winter and he WAS a major pain in the butt, during breeding season ~ having escaped (twice!) from the bachelor ram paddock, into the maiden ewe lambs' group, which I did NOT want bred ~ so I decided that he would be butchered.

The day that I went to load this guy up for the trip to "Mike, the meat man", was a very good day for Idol. When I took my gloves off, to put the halter on him, so that I could lead him to my Jeep, I realized what incredibly SOFT fleece he has! I never was happy with the idea of butchering such a nice quality ram and when I felt that fleece, there was no way that I could follow through with my plans. So, Idol went back in with the other boys after breeding season. Oblivious to the fact that he almost died. I hope to find him a good breeding home this year. If he's still here, this fall, I'll show him at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival's Shetland Sheep show and figure he'll have a great chance of winning the yearling ram class. THAT should sell him!

The goats continue to thrive in my backyard.
They never cease to make me smile with their adorable antics and personalities...

Bella is not sure if she likes them or needs to control them!

Speaking of Bella...she's growing up to be quite the beauty!

She has totally and completely stolen my heart. Which is a good thing because she's going through that obnoxious, "teenager stage" and is often more of a pain than a help. I sure do love her though!

DREAM says...
...."Just another day in Paradise... (don't worry, I know that Mom loves me BEST!)"


  1. I hope Idol knows how close he came to being a good dinner! He surely does look alot like Skit, doesn't he?

    Things are slow here too, Nancy...the pasture is covered with 18 inches of snow so there's not much for the sheep to do but hang around the barn and get into mischief. And I know I'm gonna hate cleaning out the barn when the weather's better. But we won't think about that now...

  2. I'm with you on the barn cleaning, Kathy! I do "deep bedding" ~ where I just sprinkle some barn lime on top and add fresh straw all winter. The top layer stays clean and dry and all the soiled matter works it's way to the ground. It makes for a nice bed for the sheep but a horrible mess to clean in the spring. Especially since I clean my barn with a wheel barrow and a pitch-fork!

    We will most definitely not think about that now...

  3. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Well, I'm 50,018, did anybody remember to notice if they won??
    By the way, the pics of the goats are hilarious, as usual; and Bella was actually being photogenic! Good job :) Luv kt



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