Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Snow...

The cold and snow just won't let up! Above is "Sheltering Pines Diva". Isn't she beautiful? Diva's one of those rare sheep who's fleece seems to actually improve every year. As a lamb, she was quite primitive. Each year her fleece gets softer and has more crimp. Her lambs have gorgeous fleece!

In this picture, you can see Diva (left) with "Zodiak" (Dream's mom ~ black/iset) and Bluff Country Zaria. Zaria is a shaela and white, HST ewe. Her fleece is YUMMY!

This is a close up of Zaria's soft, crimpy, steely, blue-grey fleece. It is absolutely exquisite! Of course, the outer tips are sunbleached so don't show the true color. I'll have to get some pictures of the inner fleece, before shearing...

Bella loves getting out in the snow and "playing" with the sheep. Although, she keeps a safe distance from the ewes ~ Diva likes to CHASE her!!

The boys, on the other hand, seem to be inviting Bella over to play...

So, of course, she complies!

Bella and Moon seem to have struck up a friendship! Then again, Moon is the most obnoxiously playful of the three boys. He's always chasing the others around and leaping and jumping. He's quite the character.

Although Moon does like to chase the other boys around and I frequently hear horns clacking as they butt heads, I think it's all in fun. The boys really do seem to be good buddies.

This is a peaceful time in the Bluff Country.

Life is GOOD

DREAM says...

...."Yes, it is!"


  1. We are having a brutal winter as well with over 20 feet of snow in two months.....more on the way......I love reading your blog and enjoy the pictures of your beautiful animals. What a magical little group.

  2. We're getting rain/snow mixed today, Nancy. And sitting here we've just found that the roof where the windows are here in the office has had some ice damage and it's leaking in! Oi! and Uff Da!

    I'm not sure if things here are as peaceful as at yours - Skit's in with Colin, his wether bud, and the little wethers. I think they get on Dad's nerves at times and he won't let them near his beloved tire. LOL! Sometimes, when they're running him ragged, he gets a look of "Oh, bother!" on his face. :)

  3. Nancy: which one is the ram with the stripe down his horns? He is my first choice of sire for the ram lamb that I reserved. I like the set and width of his horns.

  4. That's "Moon" (Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon), Becca. He's bred to Alice, Zaria, Flash Flood, Dream, Zodiak and Zest. There should be some real nice lambs there!!

  5. Terry8:26 PM

    Hi Nancy--Good to spin with you this weekend and thinking of you.
    STAY WARM! I'm constantly amazed that the sheep don't even look cold in this weather. Walking my dogs tonight in the cold dark wind was an interesting experience...




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