Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ewes and Goats together....

I'm shuffling animals a bit to get ready for lambing. I want to keep several paddocks clean and fresh for the new moms and their babies. And it was also time to get the goats OUT of the back yard... ;-)

The move seems to be going quite well. The goats stick together and for the most part the sheep don't bother them. McDreamy, McSteamy and Meredith have chosen to claim the calf hut as their home, rather than sleep in the big barn (or outside, in the pasture) with the sheep. This works well, but I'm thinking of putting the calf-hut into a paddock for the RAMS so that the girls can use both barns during lambing and while the lambs are growing. It's going to be crowded out there!!

The ewes seem to be more curious about the goats than anything. I haven't seen any fighting over food. I do put out numerous piles of hay so that each animal has several to chose from and nobody has to share.

Alice's beautiful "Destiny" is quite curious about the goats and seems interested in befriending them.

Destiny and McSteamy actually "played" together!

McDreamy wasn't that impressed by the friendly yearling!

DREAM says...

..."Oh YIPPEE! Goats in my pasture...."


  1. Our sheep and goats have always had a love/hate relationship. They'll run together and butt and play and then get seriously huffy over food issues. The goats have the advantage typically because the sheep have to back up to get their ram going and the goats just stand on their hind legs.

    Your goats are getting so big! I miss their baby stage;-(.

  2. When does the lambing start for you?
    Are you shearing before you lamb?

  3. Is the goat sticking his tongue out at the sheep? Too cute.

    Where did you get the calf hut? I saw that in another picture you took and wanted to get one.



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