Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm so PROUD that I don't even know what to title this post...

This is DREAM's son! Bluff Country Dream Weaver. He'll be one year old next month.

This is Weaver as a baby.

I can't imagine having the opportunity to buy a ram like this when I was first starting out with Shetlands! To say that I am proud of the direction that my breeding program is moving would be a HUGE understatement!!

Dream Weaver is the flock sire at Shula Hougum's Ridgeway Farm, in MA. Shula also purchased these beautiful ewes to breed with Dream's handsome boy.

Above is Bluff Country Gypsy

And this beauty is Bluff Country Crown Jewel.

I can't wait to see the babies that Shula gets this year!!
Thank you for sending me the photos, Shula!

DREAM says...

...."You think You're proud, Mom??? That's MY boy!!!"

You did good, Dreamer!


  1. God Bless you. You are one amazing lady and you should be proud.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous! Something to be proud of indeed.

  3. Yes you should be very proud. They are all wonderful and so much fun to be around. I can't wait for this years babies either and I'll be sure to send you pictures.

    Oh and my vet thinks he is just the nicest ram she has ever seen. Everyone always remarks on what great horns he has and just the best personality ever. I'm honored to have them all.

  4. Shula did indeed choose herself a wowzer of a starter flock! Congrats to you for producing them, and congrats to her for her good taste in Shetlands!

  5. He is beautiful. I love the refined head. I think it's interesting that he has developed a black spot on his nose, since it looks all pink as a lamb. I bet his lambs will be wowsers too!

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    WOW!!! your babies are growing up to be stunning!!! It's so fun to have known them as lambs and to see how they turned out. I was imagining Gypsy with a heavier boned head because I think she was one of the older lambs last year and somewhat bigger than some of the others. She is looks gorgeous with her adult face and fine, white tipped nose!!!

    I esp. love Dream Weaver's black horns and his black nose spot. Sophie my Ocicats' nose changed from black as a kitten to brick-red outlined in black as an adult. I think these nose color changes are not unusual in the animal kingdom, only of course Dream Weave GOT the black spot. He is VERY handsome!!!
    Crown Jewel is very pretty, too--I still have her "baby" pictures--she and her brother were the first newborn lambs I had ever seen...Thanks Shula for sending Nancy the photos...I can hardly wait to see their lambs!


  7. Isn't it great when you can see some of your dreams come true?

  8. It sure is, Kathy! The most exciting part is that it's happening more and more each year! I can't wait to see the 2008 babies.....

  9. I should put an order in now for one like Gypsy! ;-)



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