Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No News....

Nothin' much happening in the Bluff Country. Which is just fine with me!

I like the quiet time before sharing and then again before lambing. I treasure every minute of peace and tranquility.

It's snowing again so most of the animals are staying in their barns. I put the goats in with the rams for a while yesterday but am not ready to leave them together when I'm not home.

I put in a schedule change request at work. I've decided to go back onto the every-other-weekend rotation. I've been working every weekend and having Monday and Fridays off. The theory was that I would never work more than three days in a row. The reality is: I don't like never having more than one day in a row off! So, it's back to every other weekend, with Fridays off and I can't WAIT until my first three day weekend!!!

MC DREAMY says...

..."Mom says I'm gonna need a HAIRCUT soon!"


  1. Glad all is well at your place. Things have been falling apart here. Isabella has toxemia and I've been nursing her back to health. I've missed nearly two full days of work this week.

    Your little family is just beautiful and always so clean!

    Two of my friends had goats and sheep and they didn't do well together. They gave up their goats. I hope you have better luck.

  2. Terry8:56 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    We're back!! TX was WARM.... It's not warm here. I've become so spoiled...

    Check your e-mail--I forwarded you the fingerless glove pattern from the retreat!!!


  3. Bella is very impressive if you usually leave her in the house when you're gone. I'd never leave Porter loose in the house for even an hour when we're not around. He's a good boy about not pottying in the house, but I'm afraid of all the things he'd chew up if he was alone for that long!



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