Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As the temperatures rise and the snow melts, be careful where you walk. I was feeding the sheep this morning and as I approached the gate to the ram's pen, carrying an armful of hay, I had to walk through a large puddle just in front of the gate. Before I knew what had happened, I was lying flat on my back in about three inches of ice-cold water! It was actually kind of an interesting, almost 'out of body' experience, lying there. I remember thinking that I felt very tired and the water was cold and heavy and that if I just laid there, I would sink down into it and sleep. Then, the pain in my head said GET UP RIGHT NOW!!! Very strange. Makes me wonder if that's what drowning victims feel. Anyway, I was in no danger of drowning but it did occur to me that I could have laid there for days before anyone would think that something was wrong. Gotta be careful where I walk....

Now I have a fierce headache and a lump the size of my fist on the back of my head. I did manage to finish feeding and watering the animals. I put on a dry sweatshirt because I couldn't stand the ice water running down my back but didn't bother with my pants. Just wanted to finish up and get in the house. I have to get ready for work now. Don't think I'll be brushing my hair.....

Please be careful when walking on wet, icey, watery areas!

DREAM says...

..."I'm always careful on slippery surfaces, Mom. And I would have missed you and come to rescue you!!"


  1. Know what you mean. Sunday I was just standing in the dog yard when I was suddenly on the ground. I just took a big piece out of the heel of my right hand. Much danger out there. Hope you feel better.

  2. You may want to get checked out, Nancy. Just to be on the safe side. Best wishes, and do be careful.

  3. Goodness Nancy! Be careful! I fell through a snow drift today (I walked too far over from the usual, packed trail) and I was up to my waist in ice/snow in no time! Not that great of feeling in knee high boots (they filled right to the top with the snow cone slush!)

    I'm always afraid if I lived alone and got hurt and couldn't call out, who would hear me? who would think about checking in on me? BE CAREFUL. I find ice under water all the time now...ick ick ick. the joys of spring before the frost goes out......

  4. You should always carry your cell phone. I learned that lesson the hard way.

    Be safe! Stay vertical.

  5. I hope your head feels better soon Nancy. It's good that you went to work where people will be able to keep an eye on you for any more serious symptoms of head injury. My mom slipped on the ice about a month ago and broke her arm. Things can happen so fast. We've got a nasty sheet of ice on everything this morning. If I go down, hopefully my trusty Aussie will rescue me. I'm taking the cell phone just in case! :-)

  6. I'm still alive! ;-)
    The advice about carrying a cell phone is right on. Unfortunately, there's no signal out here, so it wouldn't do me much good.

    My bump has gone down, somewhat, although my head is still reminding me that I did take a hard fall. I must have woke up a dozen times during the night because "my ponytail was too tight". Of course, I don't have a pony tail! My lower back is also sore. I'm thinking that I should be counting my blessings and am VERY grateful that I wasn't hurt worse!

    Heading out, with extreme caution, to feed and take photos of my flock....

  7. your loving son8:53 AM

    Wow, thats scary. you be careful, i'd like to keep my mother around for many more years. I love you much more

  8. When I fell, DH was in the room right above me (I landed flat on my back on the cement basement floor)...I hollered for 5 - 10 minutes...nothing. Having someone around doesn't mean they hear or are even aware of what you're doing. (Husbands! Bah!) ;-)

    I started carrying a cell phone out to the barn as we now get a signal there. I also have made sure I have a first aid kit for ME in the barn. The sheep have their own. It's a good thing you weren't knocked out - hypothermia is a real factor for us shepherds. It's not only the sheep we have to worry about. :)

    I sure hope you are still on the mend!

  9. Terry8:47 PM


    I'm so glad you are ok but listen to Karen and get checked out if at all possible. I hurt my back from falls while rollerblading twice. Now I have a permanent problem there because it seems to have prolasped a disc and the first fall is when the problem started. If I had gone in at the time they could have given me PT so it would have healed correctly-getting checked can be preventative but I understand why people don't--sometimes I don't either.




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