Monday, December 08, 2008

Just in the NICK of Time.....

The 2009 "REAL SHEEP WEAR SHETLAND WOOL" Calendar is on the way! I finished editing and put in the order at MIDNIGHT , last night/this morning. I had to get it in because the free shipping offer expired today! Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

The cost for a Calendar will be $25.00, which includes shipping. Lest anyone think I am getting rich off of these things, MY cost is $15/each. And that's if I order enough quantity to get a discount and order during a free shipping offer. So, I actually make about $7 per calendar. I hope nobody thinks that's excessive...

The calendars are printed on card stock paper(by Kodak), full color and each page is suitable for framing. I use my previous year's calendars for various decorating and promotional displays. Anyone wishing to order a 2009 Calendar, who has not already reserved one, can contact me

What ELSE have I been up to???

Carding and blending.

This is a mix of Fawn Shetland, llama and kid mohair!

Spinning ~ I'm going to make myself a scarf/wrap!

I'm trying to work on a couple of Christmas presents, too. It seems I'm not very good at multi-tasking!! ;-(

I haven't even put my BREEDING GROUP together yet!!

I'm working LOTS of overtime...
There just aren't enough hours in a day!

I'll try to post more often

Bella and Sadie are keeping an eye on things for me while I'm so busy....

P.S. Lucca CROWED!!!!


  1. he crowed!? Yay lucca! I was just wondering what the puppies were so interested in out the window? And also the snowy pic with the sheepies is beautiful, but i hope you get a reprieve from the weather for a while at least! (I still want snow when i get back though :) )

  2. Lovely pictures - I am envious of your carding machine. One of my 2009 projects is learning how to do carding of our new Icelandic sheep wool, but I think I have to start with the hand carders. Baby steps!

  3. Awesome fiber and looking in the background of your pictures you have been doing loads of Christmas decorating. I still don't have our tree up yet.

  4. Beautiful photos - as usual!

  5. Beautiful photos, look at all that snow! It is supposed to snow here tomorrow. Winter is really here isn't it.

  6. I love the dogs sitting at the window....they truly are the best friends to have:) All your pictures reflect, in my opinion, the comforts of having a home:) Thank you for sharing!

  7. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Awww, Nancy, I was just wondering who is pregnant in the flock--guess no one yet, huh?



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