Monday, December 15, 2008


* All photos are "biggifiable"...*

The girls and I have been busy.

My middle Grandson asked me to make him a scarf for Christmas! It even has POCKETS! And of course, it's knit from wool from Grandma's very special flock of Shetland sheep...

Of course, if Matt gets a home-spun, hand-knit scarf, Nick better too!

Biggest Brother, Josh's, scarf is still on the needles. It's so FUN to knit! I'm using a multi-colored strand ~ spun from the lock from wool I roo'd off the neck of my ewes, before shearing, the year before last ~ and a solid strand of black. Alternating every two rows in a simple 2x2 rib. It is so fun watching the colors change. And it's wonderfully SOFT! This one may be hard to part with....

DREAM says...

"Don't worry Mom...

We'll grow more!


  1. Those children will need those scarves. They are wonderful, just like watching the sheep walk across the pasture.

  2. I enjoy knitting, can't imagine how cool must feel to knit from your sheep's wool.

  3. Very nice scarves Nancy! I have been knitting up a storm too, hats though. I'll post them when I am finished. Dream is right, I was looking at the girls today with ideas of whose fleece I will combine with what (still have mohair waiting). Did you use all your mohair yet? Have a great holiday.

  4. Pretty scarves! I love natural colors!

  5. Nancy, those are gorgeous scarves!! I especially like the one you knitted for Matt!

  6. Really lovely, Nancy. Lucky kids!

  7. Beautiful! Did you knit Nick's scarf length-wise? In other words, did you cast on something like 200 stitches and knit 10 rows? That is my current obsession with knitting scarves. I love that long-striped look!

  8. Nancy, I am so impressed! I have yet to knit that much from my own Shetlands' homespun. Plus, how do you knit in such a cold house???



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