Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breeding Group...

I finally put my breeding group together! We had a major winter storm hit the area on Monday and into Tuesday so I had a couple of unexpected days at home. Monday I put my breeding group together.

Just one breeding group this year. Three of the ewes in the group no longer even belong to me. Those three are "Godiva" ~ fawn/mioget yearling out of Flash Flood and sired by Windswept Bravo (black & white, HST); Zodiak and Zest.

Those of you who know me, know that Zodiak and Zest are VERY special ewes to me. I didn't want to sell them. But the opportunity arose to place them in a home in which I knew that they would be loved, appreciated and cared for as much as they would be here. I had decided that there were only two couples in the world that I would entrust Zodiak and Zest to and one of them took me up on it.

This is my dear friend Linda Westover with Zodiak in 2005 (?)

Linda and her husband, Pete, drove all the way from Pennsylvania to purchase a ram lamb and a ewe lamb from me. During their one-day visit, a lifelong friendship was formed.

Pete & Zest

Oh yes, the sheep liked them too... ;-)

It's funny, the friendships that can be formed because of these incredible, little sheep. Linda and Pete have bought more sheep from me over the years. My Beautiful Baby Girl and I drove out to Pennsylvania, 2 years ago to deliver sheep, pick up Bella and visit with Linda and Pete. They have supported me through some of my darkest moments in my battle with depression. I truly love this wonderful couple. I feel good knowing that Zest and Zodiak will be spending the rest of their days with Linda and Pete. Plus, it means that we'll see each other again next summer! Zest and Zodiak will stay with me until arrangements can be made for Linda & Pete to pick them up sometime next summer. (no hurry!)

I will get to keep a lamb from Zest and Zodiak. I'm praying for an HST ewe lamb from Zest! I know that Zodiak will give me beautiful HST girls ~ she always does!

Godiva will also be staying on for a while in the Bluff Country. She is owned by my good friend Terry (the one I taught to spin ~ many years ago!) and Terry & her husband may have to put off retiring to their farm "up North" for another year or two because of the current economic conditions. Poor me ~ I'll have to suffer through another year or two of having this lovely little girl around....

I can't wait to see what she gives us for babies!!

That's it for now. I'm having trouble posting lately. I feel anxious and need to get away from the computer. I'll try to post pictures of the three of MY girls that are also in with Hunter since Monday. Soon.


  1. Boy, I know the feeling...I just got my group put together Sunday...Late lambs for us! lol. Luckily no groups this year...just one very large group lol. Looks like you'll be having some LOVELY lambs in the spring!

  2. Through chickens and now goats, I have made lifelong friendships, it's so wonderful how we keep in touch and exchange photo's. Take care.

  3. I'm glad to hear that your girls have such good 'upcoming' homes. It really is hard to let some of them go, but it sounds like you have found the perfect place for them. I understand about the posting too. I'm finding it hard to even sum up the energy to do that. Not sure if it is the dark of winter, the blahs or what. Hope things improve for you. Take care of yourself.(p.s.--love your new blog background--very appealing!)

  4. I love the pics of Linda/Zodiak and Pete/Zest! You can tell that they are going to be wonderful owners.

  5. Congratulations on having the perfect homes lined up for your sheep. I feel that way about the four who went to Tammy's Wrensong Farm this year. May we all find the perfect buyers we need next year!

  6. Terry8:27 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for your beautiful posting with your friends and the beautiful ewes. I cannot believe how gorgeously golden Godiva has become and I feel very lucky to be her "other" human mom--you will always be the first...Can hardly wait to see the lambs of all 3 ewes in May!

    I know what you mean about it being difficult to post, be on the computer, etc this time of year. I am finding it more challenging to dig in at work, get chores done around home, etc--I just feel kind of flighty, ie it's harder to focus. Getting things done but only by pushing myself. Wanting to be OUTSIDE, even though it's cold and snowy. I think it is the deep, dark days of winter. Nice to look forward to spring and the new lambies it will bring-- Thanks for posting this and for ALL you do for me as a friend. Glad you got to stay home in the storm. I had to go to work and blow out the driveway myself yesterday becuase Russ was helping the kids on their farm, but I'm so much closer to work than you are. I was thinking of you and the flock in that storm and hoping you were safe and snug and warm at home--glad you were.


  7. I know how you feel about selling your favorite girls, Nancy. I let some of favorites go this year too. It suddenly hits me that they're gone and I just have to remind myself that finding them good homes is what really matters, but it's still hard. I'm glad you didn't have to drive in the snowstorm. Stay warm!

  8. I hope you're feeling less anxious, although I sagree with Terry, we all get feeling funny in the long dark winter days- but they go away eventually. By the way, feel free to write quick short little blogs, we don't expect you to always be tied to the computer writing us long posts. Everyone just likes it when you say hi! :) I CANT WAIT TO COME HOME! I have so much to catch up with you on. Love, kt

  9. I can't wait either!!! I'm going to turn the thermostat up to 60 for you and I'll have Ovaltine on hand. Let me know what else you'd like to have available for munching! Of course there will be eggs (not from our chickens, I'm afraid!) and I bought some green tea. Let me know what kind of veggies to have on hand. I want to stock up in case we get 'snowed in' and can't get you to the People's Food Coop for a few days....


    Love my BBG




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