Tuesday, December 16, 2008

jUST iN tIME....

They're Here! The 2009 REAL Sheep Wear SHETLAND Wool calendars have arrived and Mom's mailing out the first group today.

What a great gift idea! Why wouldn't everyone want to look at pictures of Shetland sheep every day? Who'd want to look at pictures of birds, or cats, or dogs, or even worse ~ scenery when they could look at us beautiful sheep???

Mom says: "Different Strokes for Different Folks". What ever THAT means!

We know that We'd sure rather look at pictures of Shetland ewes than at cats or dogs!

That's right. The Calendars are here and I'm mailing them out as fast as the checks come in! I did order some extras, so if you'd like to get your very own copy of the 2009 REAL Sheep Wear SHETLAND Wool Calendar, CONTACT ME for info on where to send your check. Calendars are $25.00 each and that includes shipping to the US...


P.S. all proceeds from these calendars go to caring for my wonderful flock of Shetland sheep!


  1. Nancy

    I popped over from one of Yahoo spin groups to peek at the calendar and saw your profile. I have to tell you what joy it brought to my heart to read that you had overcome the threat of losing your home and sheep due to divorce. I will find inspiration thre as I am now in the same situation. It is my greatest fear that I will lose my farm and my ability to live my dream. I will celebrate your victory in my heart.


  2. Sorry it's been so long since I've been around - you know, I'm kind of in the middle of a maelstrom here, hard to think about anything else. But I LOVE the new blog design - very cool, how did you DO that?? (Someday I will come and visit and you can show me)

    The calendar photos are great, and brought back lovely memories. Also enjoyed the unfamiliar ones: Bren and I went 'AAAAaaaawwwwwwww!' followed by squeaks of cuteness overload over the baby picture!

    I hope you sell millions, and that your coming year will be healthy and successful and full of all the good and beautiful things you deserve!

  3. I love the picture of Dream's "pumpkin lips". Nancy, you are always in the right place at the right time for pictures. Your farm and sheep are so photogenic.

  4. Great pictures as always Nancy, I love that one of Dream too, but the boys are very handsome. I'd like lads like those one day :o) It's funny seeing where you sit at the computer. I don't know why but it's always nice seeing a bit of the real life of "virtual friends'." you can then imagine them sitting down writing their blogs :o)

  5. Just a note to say Happy Holidays hope the weather has not been too bad where you are.

  6. I have to say how impressed I am that you have a picture of your English shepherd sitting quietly in front of a sheep! I don't know if I can realistically expect that Porter will ever do that. He's a bit of a nut when he gets nears the sheep.

  7. I just received my calendar!!!
    It is just as beautiful as last years.
    I especially liked how you combined photos to get in more of our favorites :-)
    Thank you for putting it together and making your sheep "available" to all of us.
    - Franna



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