Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Leavin' ...
On a Jet Plane...
and two give-aways!

I won't be back until next Tuesday evening!
My "girls" will be in charge of things around here while I'm gone..
Starting right NOW:

"While Mom's away, we've got our work cut out for us and  we need your help!   We know Mom told you about the new 'business' that she's going to be starting  ~ well, she's been working really hard.  Washing fleeces, felting, knitting and making soap.  LOTS   of soap!
But Mom's got a problem:

She can't decide on a NAME for her business and she needs to have a name in order to make a logo and business cards and flyers and all that stuff.

So we've been thinking it over and we decided that Mom should ask YOU guys to help her pick a name. 
 So far, Mom is considering: 
Bluff Country Blessings
Bluff Country Treasures
Bluff Country Treasures from the Heart
Bluff Country Gift Basket
but she's open to suggestions!

We decided that if you leave a comment on here, while Mom's gone and give us a suggestion or a vote for your favorite name for Mom's business, you could win a prize!

For each suggestion or vote, your name will go into a drawing for a really cute Sheep Statue.
I was going to put a picture of the sheep statue on here but I don't know how!
But it's REALLY cute!

Not only that, but...
You could also win a bar of Mom's home made, goat milk soap if you leave a comment telling what your favorite 'scent' is.  We're talking  the way the soap smells, not about  the scent of a  fresh bale of hay.  MMMMmmmmm!

So, if you leave a comment  telling what kind  of scent (or unscented, if you don't like  scented soap!) you would like best, you're name will be entered into a drawing for a free bar of  Mom's  all natural, goat milk soap ~ in your favorite scent!

You only get one  chance to win, per comment, so be sure to leave a new comment for each vote, suggestion or scent!

Because we really want to surprise Mom with LOTS of votes and suggestions and favorites, we'll even give you THREE MORE chances if you post this give-away on Facebook and/or your blog! 
Mom will pick the winners next Wednesday morning.."

DREAM says...

"Thanks for helping us help Mom.   Good Luck!"


  1. I like your suggestion of Bluff Country Treasures from the Heart! Beautiful! I will post this on my facebook page.

  2. My favorite scents for soap are cinnamon and mocha. Both together sound wonderful!

  3. Since she is such a focal point I think a good name would be Bluff Country Dreams. My favorite soap scent would be lavender.

  4. I love Goat milk and Lavender soap..mmm.

  5. I think Bluff Country Blessings is a perfect name for your new business. To have such amazing animals is surely a blessing in life :-)

  6. I really like the name Bluff Country Treasures. Sounds like a place to find wonderful secrets.

  7. I Like Bluff Country Gift Basket. Good luck on your business adventures!

    I also would like to mention my favorite soap scent is lavender! Thanks!!

  8. How about Bluff Country Dream Treasures. I make goat milk soap also. Some of my customers favorites are the lavendar and also another is peppermint tea tree. Good luck on your new business.

  9. Bluff Country Dreams


    Best wishes to your daughter and her husband to be!!!!!

  10. My first thought was Shepard's Sundries. But I like Bluff Country Treasures, too. :)

    And if I was to win a bar of soap, I'd like unscented please. Thank you and have a safe trip!

  11. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I like Bluff Country Treasures or Bluff Country Treasures from the Heart.

    Love you!

  12. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I like Bluff Country Treasures, the others are a bit long :)

    Or what about "A Shepherd's Treasures"?

  13. I like the idea of Bluff Country Dreams, too! For the obvious reason AND because of what a dream it is for you to get to have this as your official job! (but, if we're just choosing from the list, I'd pick... Bluff Country Treasures)
    My favorite soap "flavor" hard to choose a favorite...I think I'm pretty flexible on the scent...but I LOVE soap with texture!

  14. Blessed Bluff Country Dreams

  15. I like Bluff Country Blessings from your list.
    My personal favorite would be Eco Country Treasures. Everything now is think GREEN,
    environmentally safe.
    Since you started me in soap, I would like a chance to win any fragrance of your Soap!!!

  16. It doesn't look like you are getting any kind of concensus on a name! I've been trying to think of new ideas, but have come up with nothing yet. So I'll stick with Bluff Country Gift Basket, as I think it is the most descriptive at first glance.

  17. My very favorite soap scents are "evergreeny" - cedar, pine, balsam. After that would be lavender and lavender blends. Rosemary is good, too. (Obviously I like strong herbal scents!)

  18. Is this trip for your BBG's wedding? Will we get to see PICTURES???

  19. Either Bluff Country Dreams or Bluff Country Treasures. I like both :)

  20. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Treasures and blessings sound a little to precious to my ear. My suggestion- Bluff Country Comforts. I think it conveys a sense of balance, well-being and joy. Just my 2 cents.

    (lavender or some other herbal) :)

  21. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I thought of it too. Bluff Country Dreamer (or Dreamer). It is perfect!

  22. Oh Denise, that's PERFECT! I change my vote to Bluff Country Comforts!

  23. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Bluff Country Treasures or Bluff Country Comforts. Third would be Bluff Country Gifts. B.C. Blessings is a little too cutesy/religious. (Heathen that I am, I immediately disliked it, and I KNOW from firsthand experience what wonderful things you are offering!) B.C. Treasures from the Heart is definitely too long. "Treasures from the Heart" or "Tresures from the Heart of Bluff Country" could easily be your slogan, but for your actual name you want something consise and easily remembered, for when a third party asks someone "Where did you get this soap?" The longer the title, the less likely someone will remember it, and if they do too broad a search, they could end up finding someone else.

    Hope PA is FABULOUS!!!!!

    Katie in WI

  24. Bluff Country Dreams or A Shepherds Dream (Shepherds Dream Soap- I can see it on the label!)

    My favourite scent is Sandalwood and/or Patchouli. I'm going to add your link to my blog too!

    Many best and I'm so very excited for your new venture!

  25. Well Duh- you probably meant which of the soaps you have made as a favorite scent...Orange Oatmeal!

    Hope to hear about your trip to PA!

  26. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Bluff Country Comforts has the best ring to it and also seems more grounded than some of the others. You are going to have to name one of Dream's lambs next year "Comfort" of course.


    P.S. I like the Orange Oatmeal, too.

  27. How 'bout

    Bluff Country~Shear Happiness

  28. I like the Bluff Country Gift Basket name best because it allows for other delights to be added in years to come.
    My favourite scent in a soap would be lily of the valley or lavender.
    Blessings, Star

  29. Anonymous2:48 PM

    how about- real good stuff. no bluffing.

    hope you are well nancy.

    adam and i will be venturing to your area and maybe we can stop by.

    amy sparks

  30. I like 'Blessings' or 'Dreams'. :-) Love those two girls you left 'in charge'. They are just beautiful. My favorite flavors would be anything with cloves/spices/orange in it. Also have you thought about opening a line of 'pet soaps', in particular soaps for dogs---with sensitive skin or whatever. I've seen them before and think that might be a nice extra to add to your 'line'.



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