Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sharing the spotlight...

O.K.  Maybe they're not exactly "sharing".

But they sure are having fun!

Goofy girls!

With friends like that,  who needs enemies???

The ram lambs are much less demonstrative...

I'll be using Polar Bear (white) and Echo (HST ~ formerly 'Chrome') as breeding rams this year.

Echo will be for sale after he has done his job here!

I may keep Bear (white) around for a while to make sure that I get some white lambs by him.  He's the last I have from his line (Phoebe/White Diamond) so I'll hang onto him until I know for sure I have another one that I want to keep.

I never thought I'd use a white ram but I've liked this guy a LOT since the moment he was born.

Besides which...

BELLA- KITTY likes him!

I was actually planning on this post being about all the soap I've been making, lately.  I wanted to have the sheep "sharing the spotlight" with the soap.  I guess I used up enough space with just the sheep so I'll show you my latest soaps tomorrow!

Have a wonderful week!

Happy Fall!!

Sorry Dreamer!


  1. Nancy I have asked you questins and you never reply.Whats up with that?? Are you to good to answer people?

  2. Oh my Goodness, NO, Ruth! I am so sorry if I haven't replied to your questions. And as much as I LOVE getting comments on my blog posts, one would think that I'd be quick to answer! I am truly sorry. I meant no offense. I'll email you, privately to see what it is that you asked about. Again, I do apologize. To all of you others that leave comments as well! I know I'm not good about always responding. I'll try to do better with that! Thanks for the wake-up-call, Ruth.

  3. You have the most beautiful sheep! My lady ooohs and aaaahs over them. Humph. I'm working on growing a fleecy coat so that maybe she won't want a sheep. After all, goats are superior to all creatures, aren't they? Tee hee.

  4. Your lady may ooooh and aaaah over my sheep, Isobelle, but there's only room in her heart for YOU! I can't say that I agree about goats being 'superior' to sheep but they are certainly just as sweet and lovely...Please don't tell Dream I said that!

    I hope you're having a nice Autumn!

  5. Looks like everyone is enjoying the season appropriately - it's been so lovely!!!

  6. Marilyn5:51 PM

    That is one very nice, very white sheep. I don't think I have seen one with such white horns. Nice wide large horns I might add. He should produce some excellent lambs.
    Good thing those "pups" are such good friends! Yikes.



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