Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I didn't tell a "lie"...
I was making: LOTS more color!!!

I had planned on doing another post, yesterday, showing how my latest batches of tri-dyed, mohair locks turned out.  Unfortunately, I was up until TWO O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING rinsing the suckers  said locks!  It takes a long time when one has to separate each color from the others and rinse each one individually!

The photo above shows plates of separated locks, waiting to be rinsed.
Below is a batch of "rust" in the rinse water:

Each color was hand rinsed in that colander in my sink!

Although the colors weren't necessarily what I expected, I love them all!

I got more than three shades from each jar because the areas where the colors blended often created a lovely layer of locks.

Above is the 'buttercup yellow' with some 'copenhagen blue' and a bit of 'rose' blended during the dying process.

This is the 'cophenhagen blue'

Below is the layer where the 'voiolet' and 'apricot' blended.

I actually like some of the blended areas better than the main color areas!

The 'Egyptian red' was dyed by itself, in the bottom of the roaster.

When the Egyptian red was done, I removed the locks and put a ball of white, Shetland /Angora rabbit blend roving, into the exhausted dye bath.

There was a little, loose roving, but most of it was still wound in a ball.  I turned the ball about every fifteen minutes and kept the temp at 250 in the roaster.  I really didn't think much color would take as I'd forgotten to presoak the ball of roving in hot water with dish soap added...

But it turned out beautiful!

The layer nearest the center of the ball took less color and the outer layer and loose roving took much more, giving me a beautiful bunch of graduated pink roving.  I can't wait to spin this up.  (unless, of course, I might sell it before I get the chance to spin it!)

DREAM says...

"I'm dreaming about beautiful colors too, Mom.  Can I  come in the house???"

Sorry Dreamer.  It's bad enough with two dogs and three cats in here!  Not to mention the mess that I've been making with all my spinning and dying lately.  I bet the grass will start turning green for you in just a couple more weeks.  I sure hope so ~ I'm running out of room to put brightly colored yarn, locks and roving!


  1. Gorgeous all! :)

  2. I love them all, I really do, It's like being in a rainbow cave. No wonder you were up so late. I bet you couldn't tear yourself away from them??

  3. ooo, i love the violet meets apricot!! Then again, the bunches all together in the first two pics are so fun, it makes me think you should just plop them on top of plain bushes and pretend u have the prettiest hydrangea bushes ever!!

  4. How beautiful all of this is. I just can't get over how the colors stay so bright and clear... and that pink roving is outstanding. I love it.

    Dream looks very determined in that picture. You may find her climbing through one of your windows tonight.

  5. Actually, you don't have to rinse them separately. The trick is to let them cool down first, and then rinse in cold water. I do space-dyed roving all the time, which involves multiple colors. After letting them cool, I plop them into the washing machine (previously filled with cold water), soak them for 15-20 minutes and spin out. Works great! I've rinsed in warm water too, but prefer the coldwater rinse process - it's less work.

    Less work is always good when you have competition for your time usage!

  6. oh so yummy! I love how they merge... the violet/apricot is to die for!!!

    You are so very incredibly talented, my friend!

    Katie in MN, who is staring at your colorful wool, and ignoring the snow outside

  7. Lovely dying project! Do you ever sleep?

  8. Great colors. One of the things I love about dyeing is the surprises when you are finished. =) Getting 5 or 6 colors from just 2 or 3 dyes is such fun.

  9. Oh, my word, the colors are stunning! I'll bet if you made a beautiful shawl for Dreamer she wouldn't complain about being left out!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. Gorgeous colors- I love the Copenhagen Blue!



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