Sunday, March 13, 2011

A little more Silence...


  1. Alice is by far the funniest photo taker ever! But Sable wins for Miss Photogenic. and the second shot with the sun behind the herd, is increadible. Print. Frame. Sell.

  2. Hi Nancy! I love what you've done with your blog! This is what happens when I'm gone too long! But I love the pictures you've posted!! I thought of you several times when I was in Tennessee as I saw sheep with all their precious lambs--And I thought of you with the Llamas too because of their beautiful fleece, like your sheep.

    Thank-you for your kind thoughts for Tanner--It helps when there are kind people like you who understand...I did save a little of his hair, but it's just a small clipping that I took from near his heart...

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Sunny sheep and dogs photos is just what I needed now- thanks!

  4. beautiful photo's as usual Nancy

  5. Wow Nancy, very stunning shots of the sheep in the sun. Love those!



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