Thursday, March 03, 2011

The time went too quickly!

If family posts bore you, you may want to skip my next few posts. 
Although there are  lots of animals included, I have SO many pictures of Katie and Carter's visit that some might not appreciate it.

So, I'm breaking the photos up into activities.
Today's post ~ which just happens to be the "Farm Friend's Friday" post, features Katie and Carter doing MY chores for me!
(what a TREAT!)

Carter, accompanied by Sable, who absolutely fell in love with him, carried the water out to the Piggles first...

He quickly made friends with Holly & Ivy 

Katie fed the Piggles while Sable supervised. 

Unfortunately, we were a little worried about Ivy as she started choking pretty badly.  Katie picked up Ivy's bowl of feed so that Holly wouldn't eat it all. 

While Ivy recuperated, we decided it was time to introduce Carter to the sheep.
I was amazed  that Alice was the first one to walk up to Carter! 

She is usually quite reserved with strangers
and doesn't think a whole lot of Sable either! 

But, apparently Carter was OK. 

So, he and Katie, set off to feed the flock.

Notice our big, strong, Navy Seal armed himself with Animal Crackers!

Katie might have had a few stuffed into her pockets as well... 

Dazzle might have been just a tad over enthusiastic in her greeting.
(it's YOUR fault, Katie W.)

Dream had to explain to Carter that he should never touch a ram's forehead. 

And was displeased when he didn't appear to listen to her! 

This is what the photo looks like, after a sheep nuzzles the camera lens. 

"OK.  Carter  passes inspection.  Now how about some dinner???" 

Carter's on it, Dreamer!

Notice Dream making sure it's done right! 

"Good Job, Carter! "

Now it's back to check on Ivy... 
Katie puts Ivy's dish back down, now that she's feeling better.

and tries to keep Holly from stealing Ivy's food. 

It was a bit of an American Guinea Hog rodeo for a while there.
To see a cute video, click here or scroll down to yesterday's post. 

DREAM says...

"Thanks for helping Mom out when she wasn't feeling well, Katie & Carter"
She sure does love you BOTH..."


  1. I love your shetland flock. Shetlands are my favorite too, because of size and I can handle them myself. It really is nice to have someone give a break at chores once in a while. Although I wouldn't want it often.*smile*

  2. That green hay looks yummy, and did you say animal crackers?

  3. Your sheep look great, but those piggies are just adorable. Glad you had help with your chores.

  4. You're right, Alla ~ it's hard to let someone else feed my animals! It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

    Yes, Millie ~ my sheep (and dogs, cats & chickens!) LOVE animal crackers! Sometimes I call them "cookies" but they are store-bought, animal crackers.

    Thank you, Teresa!

  5. carter does seem to win over animals much too easily! We certainly had fun playing with your creatures, thank you again for a wonderful visit :)

  6. Hi Nancy,
    My name is Jill, I live in Minnesota but spend the summer in Washington and Vancouver Island, BC studying whales. One day I wish to own my own flock of shetland sheep and several other breeds of animals like goats and a milk cow. It's always been a goal of mine as well as live around whales. I was browsing through all your older blog posts and I was just wondering if you knew of any websites the new owners of Make a Wish, Polka Dot, Fantasy, and Gold Rush, or maybe you have some adult pictures of them. These are some of my favourite ewe lambs you've sold and I'd love to see them all grown up if I can. You can e-mail me at You really do have gorgeous sheep and the prettiest lambs!
    Thank you and take care!

  7. Clover, Daisy, Snip, Smudge, and Sizzle would also have to be some of my favourites if you don't mind Nancy! Thanks again! Great pictures, I can see that you, Katie and Carter had a blast :)

  8. Great Pictures, Thanks for sharing,Pretty sheep!Cheri

  9. Love your photos. Nice names. B

  10. Good Helpers... Very Sweet, cute pics.

  11. I'm glad you had such a nice visit with our loved ones. We forget how much we miss them until they come for a visit and then leave again. But I remind myself that they are doing exactly what we raised them to do, be an independent member of society.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. That's my Dazzle! :)

    I have missed everyone sooooo much! When are we going to get together?? (Granted, it has mostly been my fault, DEC and JAN were black depression months and February brought broken-bone-boy.) As soon as my tax refund comes through, hopefully in the next few weeks, I am ordering a mother-lode of supplies to start up Comfort and Joy! Yipee! Finally!


    Katie in MN (who teaches sheep bad manners)

  13. An absolutely delightful post, Nancy! No wonder Carter won Katie's heart, since he also loves animals.

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. Not only has Carter won Katie's heart, he has also won mine. Of course, he did that the day that he called to ask my permission to propose to Katie. I was concerned about the potential for violence involved with his training as a Navy Seal and needed reassurance that he would never harm Katie in any way. He reassured me with: "Ms. Nancy, I would never harm Katie. I would LAY DOWN MY LIFE for her!" Nothing better than a Navy Seal protecting my Beautiful Baby Girl!


  15. Loved the video - what a treat to see both your beautiful baby girl and her handsome (and charming) beau!!

  16. Oh Nancy, I so loved this post and seeing your pictures! I'm so glad you had a great visit that I know was a lot of fun and created some beautiful memories!!

  17. Something awful nice about seeing a big tough guy carrying a handful of animal cookies! Says a whole lot about him, I think! (P.S. My cats respectfully ask that the little bell go away--they have gotten 'in trouble' at least three times because of it--I have a bell on the shelf in the living room that sounds exactly like that when little naughty paws play with it. :-)

  18. I just love this post--they all look so happy. I would say Katie and Carter did a great job and the animals all love Carter--looks like he is “in” :)
    Thanks for sharing with FFF!



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