Monday, March 07, 2011


I went to the doctor last week.
He said that I have Vertigo.  (you were right, Jean)
He gave me some pills to help with the nausea and dizziness and some exercises to do, once the dizziness was under control.

Unfortunately, the medicine doesn't seem to be helping.
I'm still feeling dizzy and queasy.

I still went to my 'retreat' over the weekend and it was SOOO much fun, in spite of frequent dizzy spells.

It was great getting together with friends and playing with fiber!
I  dyed mohair locks (above) and a couple of skeins of  yarn that I had spun up previously, from Alice.  For the record, all three piles of locks were dyed at the same time, in the same jar!

The 'apricot' yarn looks great with a pale green skein that I had dyed at home, previously.
It reminds me of Cantaloupe!

I am amazed that I got so much accomplished during the retreat  because  I was (of course) not feeling well after dinner on Saturday evening so I went up to my room to lie down for "a few minutes" and didn't wake up until after breakfast on Sunday!

It was wonderful getting together with friends to spin and knit and dye fiber.  We talked and laughed and learned from and inspired each other. 

Look at the tiny little baskets & furniture that Alan Greene weaves!

We're going get together again in the fall.   We were all imagining sitting on the big porch of the  Amish B & B and spinning or knitting as we watch the Amish , horse drawn, buggies go by...
 I can't wait!

DREAM says...

"I'm glad you're back home, Mom.  I MISS YOU when you're gone!"

I miss you too, Dreamer. 
It's great to get away but it's always wonderful to come back home.


  1. Beautiful fiber Nancy- glad the retreat went well for everyone. Hope you feeling better soon.

  2. Beautiful fiber Nancy, did you use a thickened dye to get all the colors in one pots without turning to mud color? I had Minears virus twice that caused vertigo, it lasted about 2 weeks each time. Was not fun, hope you are over it real soon!!

  3. Thank you Penny and Kathy. I didn't use thickened dye (actually, I've never heard of that!) I think I'll do up another batch tonight and take photos as I go along. That way I can do a post, showing how it's done. It's quite easy and I'm very happy with the results.

    P.S. I should admit that I just made this dye technique up, as I went along ~ thinking that it should work out...


  4. Beautiful work Nancy. And I love the tiny furniture, that's is simply amazing.
    BTW-I have frequent bouts of vertigo, but my doc says it's called PPV, and after a series of head movements, I get relief but the vertigo still has to run it's coarse to be completely gone. I can fatigue it by not sitting or laying for long periods, or turning quickly. It's pretty common, which was news to me until I had it. lol Glad it's nothing serious.

  5. Wow beautiful colors and I am looking forward to seeing how you did it! Sure hope you get well soon.

  6. I'm glad you were still able to go to the retreat despite the vertigo. Amazing work was done there! I love those tiny weavings that Alan is doing. And your dyed mohair locks are beautiful. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Those swirly colors are gorgeous, and they almost make me feel your vertigo! I think that's what vertigo would look like if you painted it. I'm glad you were still able to enjoy your retreat. Please keep getting better!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Yup -- those gorgeous colors looked like vertigo to me too -- hope you are feeling better soon


  9. I love looking at your yarns. So gorgeous. You should sell them and I should learn to knit. :)

  10. you're right, the light orange and green colors reminded me of cantaloupe too :) All of you colors were very pretty, and I love that it's your own invented method. That makes you a master :)
    Im sorry you still arent feeling better, that PPV sounds very familiar to me, I'm about to do some research :)

  11. Hope you feel better! Those colors are just beautiful Nancy! I love the mulberry/red colors!

  12. Glad you went to the retreat even though you weren't feeling to good. That Vertigo is awful. I've only suffered with it twice, but it was awful and made me sick. The best thing about it is that it eventually goes away. Just be careful and rest a lot.
    That yarn is really beautiful. Do you sell it in those colors?



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