Friday, October 07, 2011

Heading for Home...

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I left off Tuesday on the return portion of our walk:

The dogs didn't even seem to notice this red-tailed hawk when it flew above us and roosted in a tree.

There's something soothing about seeing this 'preparation for winter".

The turn towards home.
Note the mailbox in the bottom right corner.

Something about this mailbox has always appealed to me.

In fact, I was looking at a post from 2008 and found a VERY similar picture. 
Several very similar photos, in fact!  It seems that no matter how much things change, they also stay the same! 

The creek across the road.  This is the creek that my Grandsons love to throw rocks into.

My place from across the road:

A nicely established patch of Pampas Grass makes a nice foreground for this picture.  I'm going to cut some today to put in a rusty old milk can that I bought for twenty-five cents at a yard sale.  I think it will make a lovely Fall decoration in the house!

Now THIS, is something new...

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