Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Love Story...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I found myself 'pulling' away from my sheep once I had accepted the fact that I was going to have to sell my flock due to my myriad of health problems.

Don't let anyone tell you that animals don't have feelings.
They do.

Dream was HURT. 
And she was PISSED  OFF!

Jean (my Dear Friend) who purchased Dream & Alice (and Alice's ram lamb) and Zaria from me) had told me that Dream wouldn't eat for the first two days at her new home.  And she is the last of the three ewes to tolerate Jean petting her.

Yesterday was the first time that I've felt strong enough to go over to Jean's and visit 'my Girls'.  For the first half-hour, Dream would have nothing  to do with me.  Oh sure, she came right up to the fence, with the others, when I got out of the car and called to them.  But when I went into their paddock, Dream walked away.  Wouldn't even LOOK at me!  (at least not when I was looking at HER)  To give you an idea of just how angry she was, I was feeding Alice and Zaria cookies by the handful but Dream wouldn't even accept a cookie from me!  For a whole, half hour.


Finally, I noticed that Dream would stand right behind me, as I was petting Zaria.  But as soon as I turned to face her, Dream would walk away.  Little by little, she stayed longer.
  Until finally:

She forgave me.

Just try to tell me that this animal was not sad and confused!

Don't worry Dreamer

I will ALWAYS love you!

To be continued...

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