Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Love Story Part 2 ~ It was a HAPPY Day!

Alice here. 
I just want to set the record straight.
Mom's visit with us on Thursday was a HAPPY occasion. 
 Not sad.

Oh sure, Dream had to have her little hissy fit at first, but we were all very happy to see mom again.

You all remember what a prima donna Dream can be!

Why she'd pin her ears if Mom so much as looked at another sheep!

Poor Zaria and I are the ones who were feeling neglected!

Observe Dream's ears in the following picture...

And then she acts all sweet and innocent!

She sure has Mom fooled though!

I guess they do have a special bond...

DREAM says...

"Yes we DO have a special bond and I feel MUCH better now that Mom is feeling strong enough to come see me!  I didn't realize how sick she'd been.  Things are good now cuz Mom said she's going to come visit me three times this week!  Stay strong Mom!"

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