Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Have Pity On Mom's Chickens...

"I'm only agreeing to do this post today because Mom says we're going to get a Blizzard and that there will be lots of 'Sheep In The Snow' pictures tomorrow!

Not that I'm a big fan of those feathery fur balls but if the chickens have got to take over MY barn the very least that Mom could do is provide them with a REAL Chicken Nest Box like the classy ones they make at "Life on a Southern Farm".   Mom's had her eye on one of these "Three hole Bantam Nest Boxes"  for a while but the whole 'job thing' kind of put a damper on that idea...Maybe she'll WIN one! You could even win one! Just follow the link to the Southern Farm and leave a comment and you might be the winner. (they're giving away TWO so Mom could still win one as well).                  :-)

If you don't need a nest box, leave a comment anyway and tell them that you'd like MOM (Nancy K.) to have the next box if your name is drawn. Now wouldn't than make you feel good?

Can you imagine the humiliation that Mom's poor chickens must feel, having to lay their eggs in a Cat Litter Box?!  How degrading!

These are supposed to be some kind of Super-Duper, World-Class chickens (at least to Mom!) and they have to use CAT  LITTER  BOXES ???

That is just so sad...
Then again, that's the LUCKY chickens!
The other ones get this:

or even THIS:

How Pathetic!  Those poor girls are on the FLOOR!!
How would you like to have your babies on the floor?
In a BARN???

Wait a minute!  I had MY babies on the floor ~ in the Barn! 
Next time, I'm campaigning for a  Luxury Motel!!!

In the meantime, please visit The Southern Farm and vote for Mom to get a nest box.  Or register to win one for YOUR chickens!"

OK, Mom,  you OWE me..."

I'm coming, Dreamer.  Just let me fill my pockets up with COOKIES...


  1. Awww, Dreamer, don't be jealous - you know your Mom loves you best!

  2. I think that one holer box would be a great hay feeder for you Dreamer ;-D.

  3. I actually went on that Twitter thing that I set up 5 months ago (so I could follow you) and posted about the nest box. I hope the nestbox owner lady is keeping a good count, that's 3 more points for you!

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    OK Dream, I voted for your mom on the blog! Stay warm. Maybe your mom will put the ram in with ALL of you to stay warm during the blizzard. I'm afraid his little calf hut will blow away!


  5. Just a note to let you know that I posted a comment on their blog and twittered about it, too, so with all of us working on this, you should have like - MEGAPOINTS by now!

  6. With the snow today, I'm taking the time to get caught up on blog reading, and oh, my goodness, you've had a terrible time of it lately! I'm so sorry about the loss of your job and your chickens, but I do feel slightly better about myself knowing that I am not the only one who has trouble keeping sheep contained! You know you wanted lambs anyway. :)

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM


    How are you and the flock you are in charge of doing during this blizzard? I hope your pretty golden sheep eyes with horizontal pupils aren't popping out like they are in the 2nd to last photo of this blog where you look shocked...

    Your Buddy and The One Who THINKS She Owns Godiva,


  8. Dreamer, you are one good looking sheep. It was kind of you to fill in for your mom so she could do other things. I'll be looking forward to the sheep in the snow pics!



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