Friday, December 11, 2009

What's LUCK Got To Do With It...

Mom didn't win the random drawing for the nest box give away at the Life On A Southern Farm Blog.

The "winners" of the drawing for the free Hen Pals Nestboxes were  Chickenboys and  Donna, of Schoonover Farm .   They're names were  drawn from hundreds of entries from people longing to own one of those awesome, hand-crafted nest boxes made by the  "FarmMan" in Georgia.  They were LUCKY.

Typically, Mom doesn't have a lot of "luck".  In fact, she's not a big believer in luck.  Mom thinks she has to MAKE good things happen.  That is why she campaigned SO hard ~ heck, she even recruited ME to help out with her campaign ~ to win one of the nest boxes.   She asked friends that read her blogs to "vote" for her to win a nest box ~ and they DID!  Her daughters both voted for her and asked their friends to do so as well.  Mom probably had more entries in that drawing than anyone!  But her name still wasn't drawn.  So much for Luck.

Fortunatley, there are other factors that effect the outcome of events.  Factors like generous and caring Farmers/busnessmen who can relate to people who are struggling to make ends meet.  People like the FarmMan and his wife who didn't sell over 400 nest boxes this year because they were "lucky", but because they worked hard and created and marketed an excellent product!

No, Mom didn't 'get lucky'.  But the FarmMan and Pam were so impressed by her efforts to win one of their fabulous nest boxes and so appreciated Mom's abiltity to get the word out there about their awesome products  that they decided to GIVE her one, anyway!  Not the single-hole, standard size nest boxes that were being given away in the drawing either.  No  sireee!  They are giving Mom the three-hole BANTAM nest box that she has been drooling over for months!

Mom may not have the best of "Luck", but she's sure got great friends and wonderful kids!
She's got this beautiful 'farm' in the Bluff Country and Me and all my friends.  And she's got those stupid chickens with their really cool nest boxes!

Good Job, Mom!

Lucky chickens....

Well said, Dreamer!  I do want to thank Dream and everyone else who "campaigned" for me to win one of these fantastic nest boxes.  My wonderful daughters ~ who even posted on their Facebook pages! ~ and my loyal blog readers who 'voted' for me on the Southern Farm  Blog.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart!   And of course, I want to thank the FarmMan and his lovely wife, Pam for their generosity and all the hard work that they do to make quality products for our feathered friends.

Happy Holidays!


  1. What you've got is BETTER than luck!

  2. Cool outcome, Nancy.
    And I, too, am impressed with Farm Man's nest boxes and enterprise. I am sure they appreciated your "free" advertising, and rightly rewarded it.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    What a nice post!
    We are sending out your new nest box today. Hopefully in a few days the hen gals will be enjoying their new nest box.

    Thanks again for entering. You have some great daughters and friends!

    We really hope you and the hens will like it.

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Congrats, Nancy! Looks like your hens will have a nice home.

  5. I'm so happy for you Nancy - I agree with Melanie....with what you have, luck isn't necessary!
    I am so blown away by Pam and Farm Man's generosity. They are such hardworking, giving people.

    Can't wait to see photos of your girls in their new next box :)

    Happy Weekend ~

  6. I was really happy to see the wonderful gift Pam and FarmMan gave you! Emma told me not to feel too bad that I didn't get one - she'd rather sleep curled up on my bed, especially when I leave the comforter bunched up to make a nest for her!

  7. Pam & FarmMan have their hearts in the right place, that's for sure. I'm so happy for you!

  8. That was a lovely picturey post. I love your sheep. The nestbox is gorgeous. I had a nestbox on the back of my chicken house, but I always wished it was on the side so I could reach the eggs easier. Just look at all your snow...!
    Blessings, Star

  9. What wonderful news, and what generous people! Glad to hear that all of our nest box posting got you a lovely surprise, I con't think of anyone who deserves it more x

  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    That's very cool! Can't wait to see it!


  11. Wow! Congrats! What a wonderful surprise! And those nest boxes are just perfect! My hens approve!

  12. Those nest boxes look great. I'm not letting my hens see them. I made some boxes for them, which they rejected and are laying eggs in an old dog crate instead.



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