Sunday, December 06, 2009

I SO Have No Control Over My Life...

And sometimes that's OK.
This is what I found when I went out to feed the chickens and pet the sheep yesterday:

Did naughty Zorro break out of his pen and get in by the ewes?  You might ask.

No, No, NO!

That would be way too predictable!  No, naughty DAZZLE broke into Zorro's Pen!

Since the deed had already been done (literally as well as figuratively!) I decided I may as well make up a breeding group.  Alice had been standing outside the gate to Zorro's pen, making goo-goo-eyes at him again so I let her in.  And Dilemma.  And Chance.

I might be persuaded to add Destiny and Angel to the mix if either of them shows interest.And if Zorro doesn't have a heart attack trying to breed Alice!  (I've got photos!  It's hysterical!!) 

This is NOT what I had planned!
It's all Dazzle's fault!
BAD  Dazzle!

"But, he told me he LOVES   me!!!"

Aparently, there will be lambs in the Bluff Country next year, after all...



There will be chickens.
And they'll need NEST Boxes!!
Check out the Nest Box Give-away at
Life at a Southern Farm!
(but I'm gonna WIN!  I've got this under control...)


  1. They know best! What would spring be without lambs?

  2. Well, lambs really are nice to have around and laugh at. (Geez, did I just say that!) But no more ewes! You've got plenty in there already, and I'm having a bit of an issue with the age and size difference of Zorro and the current Ewes already. (It just seems illegal or wrong or something!)

  3. You KNOW Zorro and Dazzle are going to give you the most BEAUTIFUL HST lambs! and with all those z's in their two names, their lambs will need monikers like Zizzle and Zazzle - hee!

  4. Yay Bluff Country lambs! They'll be lovely, in fact, I want a little Zorro x Dazzle lamb... do they come with fins? They've got a BIG SWIM ahead!

  5. I'm afraid no fins, Jenny. You'll just have to FLY over here and take her back as 'carry-on' luggage...


  6. That's right, the sheep know best! :P (and it IS kind of nice to be out of control....sometimes). I'm glad I will be seeing Bluff County lamb posts next Spring!

  7. Marilyn5:22 PM

    Welcome to my world.
    Told ewes will be bred this does either. Nope no spring lambs or kids.
    Then there was the fence break and it kindof has gone down hill from there. If one was bred we might as well put this one and that one together as well.

  8. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Hi Nancy!

    I haven't heard from you for awhile. Did you get my message? I hope things are looking up this week. I am so sorry to hear about Hope. Julia and I looked at her pictures and she was just beautiful.

    I am pretty busy this week although I have next weekend off. Maybe we can get together? I really miss you! We all miss you! In fact, Isaac took your work chair and is hoping some of your sales luck will rub off on him. He often rubs it like a genie lamp. It's a hoot!

    Please give me a call or send me an e-mail when you can. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Sandie :-)

  9. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Hey Nancy,

    Congrats on expecting lambs, even though it wasn't QUITE planned. I'm sorry to hear about little Hope, though, but as you say, she served a very important and noble purpose in her short little life. I'm glad you have three more now.

    You have just GOT to find a mentor to help you do something with your photography. IMO the second one of the "wicker basket in basement" series is gallery exibition quality. More later...


    PS Missed you at the Winter Market Sat. am in La Crescent, but I definately understand why you couldn't come! Martha said I could sit with you at your booth and help you if/when you can come. Yipppeeee!!!

  10. ROTFLOL! "But he told me he LOVES me!!" Whah, ha, ha, ha!!!

  11. YES, Christine! You GET it!


  12. Kelly N9:24 AM

    Your sheep are HUSSIES!!! I need to come "visit" them again very soon. Let me know when works for you.

  13. Nothing like a little unplanned pregnancy! Haven't you had "the talk" with your girls?

    Nancy in Iowa



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